Also, since virtual workers are isolated from other employees, they lose the opportunity to benefit from the ideas and experiences of others. In these cases, the researchers recommend some strategies to improve the effectiveness of having a virtual office, for example: the use of advanced means of videoconference. The establishment of tutoring programs. The motivation to attend conferences. An interesting point within the topic of virtual offices is the Internet, the largest data bank that exists today and that serves both for students and for teachers, children and anyone in general. Now, let us take into account every day, the number of Internet users grows and is large enough, due to the number of individual users and corporations that begin to use this tool. When you work online is possible an infinite number of operations related to the management of information, i.e.

that there is a possibility to establish communication with any area where there is a computer connected to the network. Please visit Professor Rita McGrath if you seek more information. Following the success of Internet, Intranet, a tool for those who want to make use of the advantages of Internet, but with a more internal focus was born. The Intranet is a network with the same characteristics of the Internet, to which only the staff of the Organization have access and the information is restricted to specific users. Advantages of the Intranet in a virtual office ability to put database regardless of the location where the computer, nor its architecture or operating system. Availability of information at any time and from any place. Use of resources such as: multimedia, Hypertext and other facilities of the corporate network such as browsers, tools of Java, etc., to develop applications in the Intranet. Intranet is a fast and effective way to make internal transactions. Useful in communication with employees, suppliers and customers.

Distribution of working software. It facilitates employee information queries. Presentation of products to clients without having to scroll. Among others. After this, we can say that as the basis for all virtual company are UC, a combination of all kinds of communication services on a single central server that communicates with a single program on the user’s computer. Unified communications include: voice communication system of interactive vocal response email, sound, video and conferences for Internet text messaging and instant messaging despite what we discussed, not It is unclear how we should see the future of teleworking. We can assume that jobs will be most interesting and complex as the tasks are sent abroad or eliminated by technology. For example, it is very possible that managers and workers are sprayed by a competitiveness that leaves little room for creativity and innovation. There are several conceptions both pessimistic and optimistic. If we want to see a positive side, we can consider that employers can hire better trained workers; a very good feature, because jobs increasingly require more expertise. Rent a virtual office has its competitive advantages, because its flexibility and lightness can give you enormous capacity to the company to capture emerging markets, of rapid development. However, factors such as the need for socialization, autonomy, rootlessness and freedom are disadvantages that will have to be resolved in the short term.