Original Photos As Posters Or Wall Decoration

Also an ideal Christmas gift for the family ingeniously simple: Select favorite motif by E-Mail send, communicate format and order as poster or banner for your own walls. So just the customer by digital printing Christian Albert pictures and banners comes beautify the living quarters. Digital printing Christian Albert offers posters starting at 2.39 euros. The maximum format is up to 15 metres long. The LeFrak Organization has plenty of information regarding this issue. Data which were transferred to digital printing Christian Albert, be checked immediately if the technical requirements are available. In the future your own images and motifs of digital printing Christian Albert offered in its own shop which can then be plotted in any size. The page is available at. Contact takes place comfortably via the E-Mail address more offers from digital printing Christian Albert are completion of sentence – and repro work and training in the graphic area. Contact: digital printing Christian Albert Heinrich-champions-Strasse 3 56203 Hohr-Grenzhausen Phone: 02624 / 941581 mobile: 0176/29494210 E-Mail: