Who regularly want to rent an apartment, needed a high-performance calendar. In addition, it must be not always an expensive solution. A layout plan at Excel is often sufficient. It is important that there are no overlaps at the individual assignments and the temporal sequences between the individual postings be adhered to exactly. Will made at the time of booking mistake here, can occur to a big problem, if the individual tenants of the holiday property to the desired date. Therefore, the inserted calendar must properly and meet certain conditions.

So the user of the plan can quickly see whether the desired apartment or cottage is still available to a certain date. This of course also applies to booked appointments. Just so you can avoid the dreaded double bookings. Potential users for an availability calendar in Excel are different users in question: A manager that one or several apartments or rooms rented a Owners or managers, the owner, offered his own used real estate at certain times in the market offers one or several apartments as a trade. Each, the called user requires a functioning system to provide the respective vacation real estate for alternating users clearly. This of course scheduling characteristics must be considered. The used availability calendar must have for example, holidays, holiday, as well as seasonal specialities (pre and post season, mid-season) automatically for the period in question. In the normal case the potential tenant in advance by phone, logs to clarify, whether the relevant holiday apartment or holiday house is still available in the period desired by him.

Then an availability calendar is necessary, which instantly displays all relevant assignments. Who at the this phone call in vain must search for the desired period, any reservation already has lost. Usually the customer calls the next provider for the inadequate phone easy a holiday apartment. Therefore, a well-functioning availability calendar is a most important instrument apartment professionally to convey and to prove. Therefore you should always have at hand the right answer for every personal request. Especially for smaller lessors who receives non-permanent requests for possible bookings, at least the small number of request should be handled correctly. Also here the caller expects that you have an overview of available dates of the offered apartments as quickly as possible. Today, every landlord to a software solution takes, if there is an availability calendar. But many solutions are complicated to manage and often have features that nobody needs. This high degree of functionality, of course, has its price. But those who are looking for a low-cost allocation plan, is confined to the main functions, should draw a layout plan at Excel in the shortlist. With the help of the booking plan in Excel you get at any time an overview the current bookings within a year.