Buying Apartments

"He came, saw and bought" – such as the only correct option is most people when buying an apartment. But do not rush in this case it is important to consider all possible nuances. If you are not convinced, visit Richard LeFrak. Not to remain in the broken trough, or rather dilapidated building, which is absolutely unsuitable for a long and happy life. You want to buy an apartment? What information do you need in the first place: the quotes of the city – the convenience and accommodation possible subsequent sale of real estate plan apartments and houses of the area or neighborhood of the technical data of residential areas: the date of construction, utility systems and services, the degree of landscaping, infrastructure, environmental information from where you dwell, will depend on the quality of your life. Your peace will depend on what you will have neighbors. The degree of comfort depends on the area safely accommodation for you and your children. The presence of the railroad or gas stations near your home can take away your peace of mind. Better to buy an apartment in a prestigious area, rather than the cheap.

Kudos to the area defined by a number of reasons. School and transportation is very important to most people and in a prestigious area, they are not very far from residential buildings. However, do not buy houses directly next to, as both school and transportation are the source of the noise and fuss. Never buy an apartment next door to a service station or clean clothes because of the presence of objects in the data set of harmful substances. Do not buy a house and next to a hospital or fire station, not to continue to suffer from frequent loud signals of office machines. Also among the adverse factors: the proximity of railroads, power lines, towers of mobile communications. At the same time be sure to contact the Agency real estate.

What happened? If you have information and clear idea of what it is and where you want to buy, you can call the agent types of apartments you have chosen. An experienced real estate agency will propose another Several options are possible you are satisfied. In the presence of the real needs of holiday accommodations will be quick and painless. Sale of apartments in Kharkov

Stainless Steel Building Materials

Traditionally, for such pipelines as the valves used in steel or cast iron gate valve (Malleable and ductile iron). However, the limitations of regulatory documents apply to the use of fittings made of cast iron, so the main type of valves used in heat and power facilities, is a steel armature. Steel ball valves with flanged or weld that appeared on the Ukrainian market in the last decade and performance which were highly appreciated by experts, are gradually replacing conventional valves. What is a ball valve? The main elements of ball valves are: housing, a locking element in the form of a sphere with a cylindrical bore, the spindle, through which the rotation of the ball, removable handle, seals, spindle and ball. Corps of ball valves made of carbon steel, has a welded construction, which has no movable joints that require tightening.

Housed in a building polished ball is made of stainless steel. Recently Robert J. Shiller sought to clarify these questions. On both sides of the ball adjacent sealing carbon – Teflon pads that are resistant to abrasion and impacts of pollution. Disc springs pressed seal to the floating ball and ensure reliable operation of the ball valve in conditions of low and high temperatures. At the top of the crane is located spindle with sealing gaskets. Thanks elastic connection of the ball and the spindle under the influence of working pressure the ball moves freely in the direction of the seal. All ball valves have a good performance and demand for construction organizations specializing in the installation of heating and water systems, and other industries. However, according to experts who conducted a comparative study of quality and price characteristics various steel ball valves, and other multipurpose valves, they have a number of advantages: – thickening of the wall (special version for the countries of eastern Europe) that increase the strength of the ball Crane – an elongated spindle that allows for isolation of the crane – high operational reliability due to the fact that all ball valves are a complete test cycle, which guarantees a high level quality in accordance with European standards – lower price in comparison with valves and gates. Ball valves – is a reliable and durable form of valves that better adapted to Ukrainian thermal networks and have the lowest price with high quality. With this in mind they are the most promising for the Ukrainian market and cis countries.

Russian Federation

The value of the tax rate depends also on the property value. At present, assessment of houses, apartments, villas and cottages to private individuals by way of inheritance or gift, made technical organizations Inventory (BTI), evaluation of technical tools – institutions associated with the maintenance of vehicles, other property assessment – experts-evaluators. Help on the evaluation of the object of taxation provided by a notary public or officer authorized to perform notarial acts that must provide a certificate of value to the tax authority where they are located. Payment of tax by individuals, residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, made on the basis of payment notices, gives them the tax authorities, no later than three months from the date of delivery to them of the payment order. To deepen your understanding Professor Rita McGrath is the source. Individuals, residing outside the Russian Federation, the tax shall be paid before they receive a document certifying their right to own property. The legislation provides tax concessions on property rolling by inheritance or gift. Thus, in accordance with applicable law from taxation property transferred by inheritance or gift is exempt: a) the property transferred spouse by inheritance, surviving spouse, or as a donation from one spouse to another. Tax will be charged regardless of whether living together or not his wife.

The basis for granting exemptions a certificate of registration of marriage, and in his absence – the court's decision on the recognition of the marriage, and b) residential (apartments) and paenakopleniya in housing co-operatives, if the heirs (Donee) lived in these houses (apartments) together with the testator (donor) on the opening day of the inheritance or make a contract of donation. The fact of living together to help confirm from the relevant housing authority, as well as the decision of the court, c) the assets of persons who died defending the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation in connection with the exercise of state or public duties or in connection with the performance of duty of a citizen of the USSR and the Russian Federation to save human life, protect public property and the rule of law, and d) houses and vehicles passing by inheritance disabled 1st and 2nd groups, and e) vehicles passing by inheritance to family members of servicemen who lost their breadwinner. The above list is closed, and when considering the tax authorities may provide benefits to other objects of taxation. The Federal Law N 78-FZ of the legislator provided for exemption from taxation of real estate, vehicles, stocks, shares, units of the physical persons who will receive gifts from family members or close relatives. In conclusion, we note that if the new inheritance tax rules, no doubt, more beneficial, since virtually all property passing by inheritance, shall be exempt from taxation, the donation of an unambiguous conclusion can be drawn. Considering that in one article to answer all questions related to taxation and inheritance donated property is not possible, our lawyers are ready Law Center at any time to help you solve any legal problems. In addition, our center offers a wide range of other legal services.

Price of Plots

The cost of such land plots start from 100 thousand rubles. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert J. Shiller has to say. for a hundred on undeveloped land without communications and access road at a distance of 40 -50 km. from Moscow to 300 thousand rubles. per hundred square meters in area in the vicinity of Zelenograd, providing sufficient electric power, road access and a reliable environment. Yes, something outside Moscow residence permit can not do too much, but maybe it makes sense to save Moscow and purchase of land in cht? 1.2. Plots in the current horticultural nonprofit partnerships (SNT). Most sites traditional size – 6 ares. In the partnerships created relatively recently-10.15 years ago there are areas for 8, 10 times and 12 ares.

Usually – the correct form. Category of land – agricultural land, the type of permitted use – for gardening. At these sites may be constructed dwellings without residence registration. Basically, all the associations are electrified, the gasification cases are rare. Most of them They are equipped with electric lines and substations for a long time, so the power released in each plot is small – 5.3 kW, the losses on the lines are great. As a result of not working or breaking down the modern household devices, tools, hard to use electricity for heating purposes, the cost of a kilowatt-hour is too high, about dvuhtarifnoy accounting system power consumption can not be considered. Simple calculation shows that if instead established the voltage – 220 V, resulting in losses on the lines you have 190, the heating electric boiler nameplate capacity of 4 kW produces only 3.0 kW, while paying you anyway 4 kW / h over the counter.

Book Tip: The First Book Of A Real Expert On The Singles Scene

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Krasnodar Real Estate

Overview of the real estate market of Krasnodar. The real estate market of Krasnodar is developing rapidly. It is worth noting that the construction of residential and cottage facilities process is not completed, construction firms understand that there is also a need for commercial, retail and entertainment areas, indoor warehouses. For an overview of the real estate market, we consider each category separately. Overview of residential buildings in Krasnodar. Overview of real estate has shown that for 2007-2008 in Krasnodar were put into operation 1.56 million square meters of housing. In comparison – the same figures of the previous interim period of time lower by as much as forty percent! According to the results analysis of real estate market of Krasnodar, the city has about 40 construction companies, the main of which are: "Development-Yug '(more than 18% of the total built-up), Inc.' Europa-Invest '(8%),' Kiik '(7% ), Inc.

'HBS-Invest' (7%), ooo ' South' (5%). Used in general 4 Technology Built Property: solid, brick, block, as well as panel construction technology. But the most common of them is monolithic (sixty percent of all new buildings constructed on its basis). The cost of one square. meters of living space in new building in Krasnodar 48,955 rubles. – Is the average price. So, consider these figures in more detail, namely, the examples of the different segments: economy, real estate valued at 43,000 rubles. per m and the minimum value is 32,000, the middle class was estimated at 49,000 rubles., a business class at 52,000., an elite class of 83,000 rubles., and its maximum cost is approximately one hundred thousand.

Estate Agencies

It is true part. From personal experience I know that a large agency – this is not a guarantee of professionalism. I've seen complete idiots working in the vast real estate holdings and professionals of the highest category of provincial agencies, consisting of 3 persons. Choosing the agency by name or size, you play the lottery – lucky – no luck. It is best to use the recommendations. Communicate with friends, friends, friends Friends, colleagues, surely someone recently faced with realtors, and can recommend someone. Communicate with employees of the bank, where the plan to take the credit – they let you prompt.

After all, they cook and to conduct your transaction. And from that, as a realtor will work depends on how easily and quickly pass the entire process of buying an apartment and a loan. Therefore, they are primarily interested in a good recommendation. Ask them to you do not have advised the agency and the individual. Option third – private real estate brokers (brokers).

He walks a lot of rumors and stories about private (black) brokers who "throw" of their clients. But the overwhelming majority – it's just rumors, often spread by real estate agencies. Why? Because the private owner takes a commission is usually less than the agency and, thereby, creating serious competition. Often, private real estate brokers are people who have worked long enough on the real estate market in the agency and decided to leave on their own bread. Many of these high-level professionals. Less work with such people is that if you "substitute" or "Throw" the agency, you will be able to resolve issues through the courts, as your relationship with the agency spelled out on paper (contracts), and from private owners usually agree verbally, and to prove in court your right is much more complicated. Let us summarize. If you feel the strength you have time and desire, then you can start searching for yourself. In an extreme case, if something does not work, then turn to realtors never late. If you understand that without the realtors can not do, then Try to find a specialist on the recommendations. Otherwise it may so happen that most of the work instead hired a realtor do you do, and even for their money. Believe me, I came across this quite often. When making a relations, it does not matter whether the agency or private owner to contract for services. Prescribe all the details of the parties, as well as the entire scope of work, which must comply with the realtor. If you are denied in the conclusion of this the contract, referring to the approved standard form, in which everything is very blurry, hazy and unclear, it is better to give up such an agency. After performing the works is an act of the work performed and give your quality characteristics. Try to postpone payment of the contract at the last moment, as well as to prescribe that in case of unsatisfactory work performance, some amount should be returned to you. If you have questions, please write me at, and I will answer you and tell how best to proceed. At the very least, redirect your mail (required with your consent) to one of its partners.

Italian Property Purchase

Suppose that you intend to buy property in Italy and have already chosen a property that meets your needs. The next step, which you probably are going to take – it's in your purchase notary. Since it is desirable to wait and above all take care to minimize risks at an early stage of the transaction by confirming the veracity of pre-and reliability of the information received from the seller. Before how to go to a notary draw up a contract of sale of real estate in Italy, the purchaser is recommended to gather some information about the property being purchased and the actual Seller: verify that the seller really has in place you are interested in real estate, find out whether you have to deal with the seller having title to the subject of negotiations as a result of the mortgage, to clarify, is not encumbered with a real property servitudes, to make sure that you are interested in a property built in accordance with the Law on planning and construction of acting on the territory of the administrative unit Italy. Robert J. Shiller spoke with conviction. If you buy a house or commercial property in a new building directly from the developer or investor-sponsored construction, we ask for information about financial status of the seller's bank. Tenants or tenants already constructed buildings that contractor can tell you how satisfied they are the result of the construction. If you are purchasing second homes or commercial property in an apartment house, Talk to the administration building and the tenants. .

Housing Construction Rules

As a result of such a "method enlarged building "achieved very high rates and quality construction. The share of such buildings 3-5 times (!) Less traditional, saving on transportation, foundation, engineering, etc. Since incorporated into the design of the application of modern heat-saving materials (for outdoor fencing, for example, using energy-efficient sandwich panels), obtaining technical conditions for connection and heat electricity is greatly simplified. Robert J. Shiller has similar goals. In addition, provides an economical operation of the building. And due to the fact that the typical residential buildings of metal are re-use projects, dramatically reduced development time and coordination.

"According to expert estimates, – said Alexander Pavlov, Head of the Housing Construction, – the erection of such buildings (including communications and connectivity ROW) will be cheaper by 15 to 40%. If we take only construction costs, the gain is up to 25% compared with conventional technologies. " Impressive, and the timing: when preparing a project to manufacture high-rise building the plant will take 3-4 months, and installation – no more than 5, and in fact the shorter the time of construction, the less overhead, "postponed" in the price per square meter. However, these savings figures are not final. Such a house remarkable, and its speed of erection – his production will take 2-3 months, and installation – 4-5 months. Being a "dry" method of construction, installation of metal can be carried out in all seasons, it is also important for investor, since it affects the speed return on investment.

Due to the fact that this decision relates to the re-use project, will actually reduce time and harmonization of documentation authorized organizations. Of course, saving time, developer and reduces its own costs, which will also positively impact on the price per square meter. Along with the steel structure builders worldwide as a framework using technology trubobetona: particularly common in the construction of skyscrapers. "The frame of the first two towers in the southern part of Moscow-City", built by Turkish company Enka, is made of trubobetona: Concrete fit into the space inside the reinforced steel pipe, performing simultaneously the role of vertical formwork and the carrier frame ", – says Galina Ph.D. Kardumyan 4. The technology very simple: in a frame made of metal pipes poured concrete. This design allows you to withstand the highest loads, and the materials used is much smaller than the classical method. According to estimates of western professionals use design reduces the weight of buildings 2-3 times, labor costs – a factor of 4-5, the cost – a factor of 2-3 compared with reinforced concrete buildings. Not hard to see: the disposal of builders have a lot of technologies to build an affordable and quality housing. Those companies that will use them before the rest, pozabudut the notorious crisis and will have a lot of new clients, have long been waiting to appear on market for real estate available. Elena Grishina 1 2 3 4

Interior Design Project

Many of us from time to time face the challenge of building and repair, we build houses, buy flats or perform reconstruction of old apartments and fitted offices. Why do I need a designer and what work it performs in Nowadays, the abundance of building and finishing material, the presence of a large number of highly skilled construction crews? Designer, working on interior designs various solutions of internal space, given its functional characteristics and capabilities of the premises, and the wishes of the customer selects the desired color palette and texture that will be most advantageous to represent the interior. When formation of an interior designer should take into account the spiritual culture of the human sequence to study its habits and addiction. It is in dialogue with the customer to work on interiors is born one key image, which subsequently becomes a concept to address the whole interior of the house. It is not always possible to express the person immediately. Therefore, the designer should listen to the unspoken, to do precisely that which corresponds to this situation that this place was a hotbed of the source of physical and emotional warmth. Firstly, the project interior must be two major components: conceptual design (the documents on which you discuss and offer ideas of the designer) and detailed design (a set of documents on which any competent construction team will be able to realize the decision and on the stage of conceptual design solution). Beginning of work is detailed and qualitative measurement. .

Filling The Interior Doors .

Filling the interior dverey.Esli we deal with the door not of the whole array, eg, veneer door, the logical question arises about its content. By the same author: Nobel Laureate in Economics. Combined array-elements of the massive doors, most often, made from perekleennogo array. This technology is most advanced. Perekleenny array is connected to the pressure bars are well dried wood, chosen so that the direction of fibers in each layer was different. This technology allows, further, to avoid deformation of the door leaf.

Wiring of the bars in perekleennom array may vary. Every manufacturer is looking for the best option, which would give the necessary rigidity of the assembly, and at the same time, would have been feasible. From the array can be performed as all the design elements of leaf and its parts (Eg, rail). Hollow sheet (cell content) – similar fabrics are manufactured by large industrial enterprises that use very high-tech oborudovanie.Polotno consists of an inner frame of softwood with lateral bulges in the middle of the canvas for the subsequent tie-locks, the periodic structure of pressboard type 'honeycomb' applications which significantly increases the stability of the geometric dimensions of paintings, and facilitates weight fabrics; surface sheets of mdf. Constructed in this way 'pie' is covered by different types of wood veneer: walnut, mahogany, oak, cherry, pear, beech, etc., or covered with special dyes. Hollow blade is very easy, which allows for a more miniature loops. On the basis of these paintings are made as simple smooth, and more complex framed canvases options. Doors can be deaf and glazing. Fabric with the filling-doors with a basis of particle board or mdf more durable, made of solid chipboard even stronger, though much heavier than the first (Leaf with the filling of chipboard weighing approximately 20-30 kg and require plant more massive loops). However, such doors have much higher rates of insulation than the door with the honeycomb.

Student Housing

Since all the accommodation options in the rooms hotel-type suggest these conditions and at the same time it is convenient, affordable accommodation option. For quality accommodation, this option does not yield to any other, and something even their superior. Other leaders such as Realtor offer similar insights. Owners providing room, simple, pleasant people involved in this kind of work for many years and during his practice, to gain more experience in this work. Sometimes they can be seen only when receiving the keys and their delivery, yet they, if necessary, will prepare breakfast, and I must say quite expensive, or they can be your guide, explaining in what way is most convenient to get to this or any other place in Prague. What does it mean 'Hostel' (Hostel)? If brought to the normal perception, it's just a dormitory, although many of the student hostels is hardly appropriate to call it, it's probably just a dormitory for people who does not restrain comfort above total. Many hostels have private bathrooms, directly to the entrance of the room, it is somewhat true they differ in price from a generally accepted notion – hostel.

As a rule of beds in the hostel room of four or more are not uncommon 12 seats, and this is a major factor in the economy. Hostels at a cost of distributed exactly as motels, hotels, apartments, that is closer to the center, the more expensive, but the concept is relatively expensive. Oh, those 'Student Housing', we all remember them, as was his love, and sometimes unfairly avoided, and although this type of accommodation is available only in the summer, I have it here in this publication describe.

Exclusive Home Design

Photoconductive properties of the glass – an important criterion for selection. Depending on the purpose and the natural conductivity of the ambient light intensity may be different. Sleeping area should be shaded as possible, in some cases, this can be achieved through the blinds or Tris, device, additional canopies or awnings, or glazed windows in the bedroom glass, conducting less sunlight. Kitchen, an office or dining room, on the contrary, should be as bright. Therefore, these facilities most photoconductive glazing windows.

Also the attic and the attic, should if possible be as lighter. Modern construction technology and the manufacture of windows allow to use not only the standard rectangular windows. Under most conditions John Savignano would agree. In recent years, widely used arched, semicircular and round shapes, giving the general design space of elegance and refinement of originality. Equally important is the color of the frames. It should organically fit into the interior, and combined with both interior, color wallpapers and furniture, and with the appearance building. Existing standards and technologies enable you to select the best color of any material – whether it's pvc and aluminum profile. Significant in size window openings usually sliding windows, that from an aesthetic point of view allows for more open space for the review. The main quality of a good panoramic windows – how can a smaller number of partitions.

Viennese windows with semicircular fanlight and opening up the frames look strange and solemn. Equipped with such windows living room looks very solid and comfortable. Round skylights, operable along, look unusually warm, at home, and literally transform the attic. For the developments of the portal that separates the winter garden or terrace, requires a significant amount of glazing area. Typically, the portal is carried out in the form of sliding modules can be pushed to the side, opening up access to fresh air, and when complete closure of the portal it does not preclude the view from the terrace or winter garden.

Mortgage Payments

If you're not one of those who are willing to delay for years the coins in the little chest, and want as soon as possible to move to their own housing, the mortgage – this is just what you need. Why then in our time, when a person wants to arrange a mortgage others begin to dissuade him: 'Why do you need? It is better to postpone the money slowly and eventually accumulate. After all, when you lose a lot of mortgage bucks. " But there is no denying the fact that if you pay a mortgage greater amount than the usual purchase of the same apartment. After all, this entire operation is called a mortgage. And while paying the loan must always pay interest, even if you say the percentage is zero. The main plus mortgage – is that you can immediately enter into your chosen apartment.

The whole process of entry into the mortgage begins for you with the most interesting and at the same time difficult stage – the choice of apartments. 1) Selection of an apartment. Certainly in our time the housing market is not functioning very hard – every day brings new proposal to buy and sell apartments. But believe me – to find a suitable apartment is not easy. This is not a purchase shoes that you will throw the following season. You are looking for a suitable abstanovku, area, footage of which you will live may be a year, maybe two, and possibly for life. Especially to be noted that most Sellers do not want to deal with a mortgage. For more information see this site: expert on growth strategy.

There are many reasons. First, the salespeople are afraid to get 'under the tax. " Second, the mortgage requires a large number of documents that delays the process of registration. Then, with the finding suitable apartment you pass away to make a down payment. 2) advance payment means by itself that you are giving the owner an advance payment for the apartment of his confidence that the deal goes through, in order. that he no longer sought buyers. Advance payment at the conclusion of the mortgage transaction requires a more careful approach, unnecessarily seller can announce some of the conditions that you are not too favorable. For example, in the event of bank transactions from the owner can leave advance himself, and so on 3) Next, as in all cases, the clearance of the transaction or what is infinitely long and terribly tedious process called – collection dokumentov.Pomimo normal documents required when buying any property, you also need to have the certificates on your income. Any bank, no matter what he did not offer you a 'super condition' wants to be sure your ability to pay the loan. . So you remember the long address of all authorities in your area and voice their heads and wait for 30 minutes opazdavshego bus will seem a breeze after you killometrovyh queues. 4) Finally we reached the very final – the signing of the contract mortgage lending. Here's our first advice to you: good night's sleep prered this event. No gulyanok and parties. You must clearly and soberly come to the conclusion of the contract, carefully grasp the meaning of every line. Remember, even one word can change the nature of the proposal. It is best to take a specialist, because of all the nuances and details can observe only a true professional. Be generous, because at stake is not small money.

True Happiness

In times like those we live in today it seems urgent to review the look that we have of ourselves, our organizations and our region evolve into a more responsible for ourselves and our environment. The great myth When we imagine the happiness we tend to take the thought into paradise where there is no death, where everything we want comes out of nowhere, effortlessly. An idealized reality, a fairy tale with which many profit and profit well. Recently went on sale a series of videos and books, very popular indeed, selling the idea that to get anything, you need only think of her passion for almost magically appears as if a wish to genius lamp. Click Nobel Laureate in Economics for additional related pages. a This idea is for me a poor interpretation of a principle thousands of years older. Despite the seduction that represents this fantasy, I think the issue is less magical and more simple.

I confess that I too like the idea receiving millions of dollars just to get them to concentrate my thoughts. But I know that if I want something to happen in my life I can not leave it to chance, I need to study, analyze and act accordingly. Hope alone will not change anything unless I take care of things happen. Yes, I believe that by focusing my mind on something I understand and do better, but to change reality for me is necessary to act in keeping with my thoughts. If there is something in my life that I am not happy with today, nothing will help if I don’t take action.

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceiling film is a thin vinyl film stretched on a plastic frame (fillet), which can be visible or hidden. The film surface tension ceilings can be different: lacquered or opaque, with an imitation suede or marble, any color – about 100 colors ceilings. Stretch ceilings have certain specific properties, which are their advantages, namely: ceilings maintained air temperature from-5C to +50 sec. Gain insight and clarity with Boris Kuzinez. In the case of leakage, suspended ceilings can withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1m2, after removing the suspended ceiling which restores its tension. Remove the water by opening a hole for the lamp. If the built-in fixtures in the ceiling there, the company's experts – the installer straight the angle of stretch ceilings stretch ceiling, let out the water, and then install the suspended ceiling in place. Stretch ceilings are not afraid of strikes and do not crack.

Stretch ceilings are easy to clean when contaminated. In addition, manufactured from heavy-duty vinyl, suspended ceilings to meet the most stringent international environmental requirements and fire safety: suspended ceilings do not burn, not melt, do not emit toxic substances. Stretch ceilings can be installed in the premises of any configuration, at any tilt, or even in different planes, and we can do, and sharp, and smooth transitions from one plane to another. Manufacturers ceilings assure the reliability of welds and construction for 10 years. For the installation of stretch ceiling specialists measure the room and sends the dimensions of production, where it is produced film itself with piping. Directly in the installation process, first on the perimeter of a room attached to the walls of plastic molding. Typically, frame mounted at a distance of 4-5 cm below the main ceiling. Then the film hangs on the corners for a special clip.

With the heat gun heats the room. Begins the process of installing a ceiling, when film is filled in a rope grooves of the framework. After how all of the edges of the film will be tucked into the ceiling, and indoor air cools, the film is a stretch ceiling. And the suspended ceiling is obtained perfectly flat. If the floor area exceeds 50 m2, the film is additionally attached to the installable ribs. Since the width of the film is usually 1, 4m, then the inevitable seams that are welded to the lacquered stretch ceilings, with a very thin line visible seam on the mat ceilings it noticeable at all. Average speed of installation -10-15 m2 per day performed by one person. With tension ceilings can use any lights, though their power imposes restrictions: incandescent lamps up to 60 watts, Halogen -35 Tues Fixtures are attached to the main ceiling of ceilings for them to bore holes, which are pasted on the perimeter of the special rings. All installation work is carried out only lamps specialists in electrical engineering. Stretch ceilings are currently the most convenient, nice and inexpensive way to finish, which has won widespread acceptance among designers and just everyone who wants to finish repairs quickly.

Elite Apartment

Number of luxury apartments in St. Petersburg, one of the largest cities of Russia. And to blame the history of this city: more than a century, the richest and most famous people construct their houses in St. Petersburg. and each wanted his house is completely different from everyone else and that is understandable, was the most comfortable for life. That is now the city on the Neva River with its unique arches, tall ceilings and luxurious rooms.

Modern buildings (we do not consider an economy class) are not inferior in quality and beauty of the palaces of St. Petersburg, although the style, of course, for 300 years has changed – it became more floors and moldings less. Nevertheless, and palace, and industrial styles have their fans and opponents, and just on the rental market of elite housing, everyone can find a place to live by your own taste and possibilities. As the saying goes, every whim In an environment secured and the people and business issues of prestige and style are their constant companions. For those who have a way of life requires maximum comfort, but there are no plans in the near future to buy houses that level, rent luxury apartments is in the best possible output.

Prestigious and environmentally-friendly parts of the city, convenient layout, an exclusive interior Designer, stylish furniture and modern plumbing – it's not all that can offer the market rental real estate. The choice of interior decoration is really huge – interior style, colors, size and dimensions of rooms such options become real only in this sector rental apartments. Richard LeFrak is likely to agree. Remove the elite apartment for rent is not too difficult. The company "Arendafon" knows that people wishing to rent an apartment to vip level, often do not have time for extra display. Therefore, the vast majority of the proposals rent luxury apartments, the company 'Arendafon' offers for rent, furnished professionally made photos. With these photos easily and conveniently available through this website under 'Apartments for rent – new proposals'. So that a potential employer is a great opportunity to pre-examine all available to our agents, options.


Journalist and new technologies "In journalism, the unique vision will disappear, you must accept the existence of pluralism in the outlook." Dan Gillmor Stop and say that and start listening. Radios are very evangelistic, labor, alternative, community, commercial or intermediate. But the radios would be better stop talking and talking and start listening. If something has been democratized today with the use of new technologies is the universal right to say that time escuchar.a brings calm, but never forgotten. However, the new media scene forces us to forget, to leave behind the old formulas and fairly, are viejos comunicadoresa a the most resistant to change of blood. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Richard LeFrak. Today it is absurd to go back to the new sun. Al MediCT. A communication subversivaa a , the proposals that will go around the world and set the pace for change in the middle of cambio.a will have to declare the deep ignorance.

And undertake not to resist the road. Recognize that the visitor is forever and alter reality. That a new media world is home. Migrating to Podcast. In Shoutcast, Blogs, nanoblogs, as the Wiki collaborative writing.

The a Oeyo reportoa , YouTube. The "mashups", trackbacks, RSS and Wikinews, among others a only nuevos mundosa to pay back the voice and commitment to enabling people to a hablara freely, stop being spectators and are their own actors and the same line, we must be literate communicators on the new reality. Risk our necks with a daring proposal in terms of the construction of the sound.

Residential Prostrans

Study the theory of creation of interior and abstracts every person on equipping their homes, of course, will not. A rush to apply to the masters of interior design, especially because the concept of interior design at the moment was at the hearing. It owes its creation to rise in the market of creating intyrer interior apartments, villas, office space. You can not manage itself in the choice of a particular building or finishing products, Collection of furniture and other accessories, so make haste to the aid of qualified professionals from the industry design. When rasplanirovke apartments, country houses or other dwellings all face the same problem: What a color palette to choose? In considering this matter will greatly assist the science of the right combination of colors – color theory. Due to the fact that the color scheme plays an important role in the design, and often many customers very difficult to imagine in whatever color they wanted to see the room, specialists will develop a set of graphic editors.

In them we can see every room in all sorts of colors. See how one or another palette enhances, or conversely, impairs our room. Correctly and consciously choose the desired color scheme. It’s believed that Boris Kuzinez sees a great future in this idea. In order to accurately pick colors for the interior, is required to take into account the specifics of the room, define its desires, and of course use the basic theory of color. Every man for himself chooses a room in an apartment, where he will be warm and comfortable.

Real Estate Market Kazan

Despite the financial difficulties, the demand for real estate market is growing every day. People buy and sell rented apartment and rent. Sometimes just putting money into real estate because it is the most profitable investment in Today, prices in the housing market is stable as never before. Buy an apartment in Kazan dream, millions of people, many want to invest, but someone just wants to live in this beautiful city. Kazan city perspective, located on the path of development, with promising job and a fairly high quality education. Most of the people is precisely why we are trying to move here to live, someone needs to paid work, and some simply need to get a decent education.

The level of medicine just to be on the proper level. Taken together, all these circumstances, the demand for housing is high. As you know, would demand, will offer. Prices in the housing market in the city Kazan are high enough to buy a new 2 – 3 bedroom apartment in new buildings, many do not seem possible. Most people have enough money except on the one-room apartment, and then only with great difficulty.

To buy an apartment in elite house, have to take huge loans and mortgages, which have to pay for years, but the desire to buy a luxurious apartment overpowers most of the citizens. Each person strives to live in comfort and to achieve ready for anything. And banks are increasingly going to meet people. People with fewer financial resources, have to seek other housing options. The benefit that the secondary housing market provides a huge choice of potential buyers. The apartment is not possible to enter into a new building immediately after purchase, as repairs are usually done in an apartment is not bad, but when buying a new home, you need to do the repair room, laying in the this huge amount of money and time. And most of the apartments sold in Kazan consists of second homes. But by buying an apartment to have been in operation, must be approached cautiously, you can buy the apartment is not habitable, but with a perfectly made cosmetic repairs. Check out Anne Chadwick for additional information. In this case it is best to apply to intermediaries, realtors. Do you buy housing could on their own, looking at advertising ads, but it is best to hire a realtor who is more versed in this matter, knows all the spots, with apartments built in the last century. The choice of real estate agencies is huge, even the most discerning buyers will pick your preferred option of housing, will execute all necessary documents, and most importantly save you from fraud by the seller. People who came to live in Kazan, remain there forever. It is impossible not to love this beautiful city with lots of attractions, infrastructure and all the possible prospects of personal development. In Kazan, there is all that is necessary for modern man. A high cost housing, it's little things in life that can be easily solved, with the right approach to them.