Monument Real Estate

Immovaria GmbH clarifies the renovation of a Memorial estate of Nuremberg, 25.10.2010 – monument real estate incur a variety of restoration work depending on the condition and size of the object so the experts of Immovaria GmbH. Each building and characteristics apply here for the individual parts of the object restore individual provisions. Dell Technologies Inc. has much to offer in this field. Relevant here is to what extent individual elements will provide for historical documents. Such as the window originally laid out on wooden frame, is to expect that again in Windows with wood frame must be fitted so an Exptere of Immovaria GmbH. Before the renovation the Office for monument protection is with the developer, in this example, the Immovaria GmbH and during the entire renovation, it monitors the approved work. This is to ensure the proper recovery and guaranteed that the clean-up costs are also later fully tax deductible. Bruce Schanzer describes an additional similar source.

The renovation building of Immovaria GmbH are usually always a refurbishment. This means that the Immovaria GmbH Parts of the building, according to the guidelines of the monument protection must be preserved, rehabilitated and be restored. The other parts of the building and the entire technology marketed by partner of Immovaria GmbH up to date and meet new State. While preserving the old walls and ceilings the latest sound and insulation values can be reached not quite might. The renovation cost share is the percentage of the purchase price of the entire property, the purchaser can assert tax after the acquisition. Prerequisite for the depreciation is however a prior consultation with the competent Office for monument protection via the work of rehabilitation.

These tasks are taken over by the Sani-grounding the Imnmovaria GmbH company. The work mentioned in this context are recognized as clean-up costs. The Immovaria GmbH is responsible also for the adherence to all relevant work.

45 Euro Prepaid Card Start Credit

Up to 45 Euro starting balance to the prepaid card by of the prepaid discount offering new customers currently up to 45 Euro starting balance, while the prepaid card is only 9.90 euros. For this, and the other a transportable bonus of 30,00 euro for those new customers who want to take an existing phone number to portal are basic to a cooperation between and the prepaid. has reduced the purchase price for the mobile phone prepaid card by 19.90 euro 9,90 euro about a month ago. In the trade, this prepaid card includes 5,00 euro starting balance, to order them, however, about the homepage, so already 10,00 euro starting credit there. Due to a cooperation between and the comparison portal get new customers when ordering through even 15,00 euro starting credit, the purchase price of 9.90 euro for the SIMcard it remains the same. Gives up to 18.05 the prepaid cards however again more 30.00 euro (!) discounter Starting balance as driving bonus.

Many mobile phone users, who like to a reasonable Discounters would change, would it but like to keep their mobile friends known phone number. To this must be, released first provider of old mobile what it charged a fee of EUR 25.00. To avoid this cost the interested new clients, introduced the bonus of portability and sets even on high 30,00 euro to compensate for costs and expenses for the new customers in any case. You should now so not necessarily only because take their existing telephone number when switching to, thereby to obtain a higher starting credit, because the costs in any case with the old provider. Who plays with the idea of discounters to change and to keep the telephone number but to a cheap prepaid, which can use very well the current offer free of charge to make the transition and to take with maybe even still some extra credits. Unless the order of the new SIM card through, obtained when taking the phone number at the price of 9.90 euros total 45,00 euro call credit, so 35,00 euro more than it paid for the Starter Kit at all.

Criminale 2009 A Feast For Crime offers online special crime Festival Augsburg, 05.05.2009 – useful and worth knowing for all Criminale fans: crime Festival Criminale with Joker, the specialist in rest requirements and special editions, a special on its cultural portal offers many interesting facts. From 6 to 10 May 2009 the Festival of the German crime fiction for the first time takes place internationally between Singen and Schaffhausen in the border triangle of Lake Constance. 200 mystery writers are expected to attend. Nobel Laureate has much to offer in this field. On the Joker culture portal Mystery lovers will find important facts to the retrospective of the German crime fiction: for example the complete Criminale “program, as well as a look at the history of the Festival. In addition, there is information to the Friedrich-Glauser-Preis.

The richest crime Germany awarded during the Criminale. Joker under every month for all Mystery lovers who don’t want to wait until the Festival, offers a new, exciting short detective story as PDF or MP3 files for free download. The history of Criminale: since 1986 Members of the syndicate group meet”every year in spring in a different location for the exchange of experience and for maintaining contact with publishers and journalists, but above all with their readers. Since the beginning, the number of the participating authors about increased tenfold.. Dell has much experience in this field.

Jutta Schutz

Helga Schittek was born in melting Limbach in the Saar and now lives with her husband in Ahrweiler. The book the case of Karin Riemenschneider”(crime) is available at the tredition publishing house (also known as e-book): ISBN 978-3-86850-112-4 (14.49 euros), / Wolfgang Fiedler was born on the 23.12.1956 in Landau an der ISAR (Bayern) and moved in the summer of 1961 with his parents to Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. For more specific information, check out Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty. Be Cookbook along with the author Jutta Schutz but please carbohydrate-poor”(also known as e-book) is available from the trediton publishing company: ISBN 978-3-86850-3227 (9.99 EUR), / Jutta Schutz was born in Lebach in the Saar and now lives with her family in Bruchsal. She has published up to now 5 books and her sixth book I was once diabetic”comes in a few weeks in the trade. Their books could not be more different. By the Advisor up to the novel the author spares no literary hurdles, /. Sylvia Poth was born on the 24.03.1956 in the Saarland. From childhood she had with serious diseases to fight and underwent a death experience 1988.

“Heartbreaking and loneliness the author depicts in her book: live and never abandon” their hopeless situation, ISBN 978-3-89845-235-9 published by the silver cord-Verlag. Jutta Schutz was born in Saarland and worked for many years as Secretary and tour guide. In addition, she studied psychology. She lived in the United States, Morocco and South Africa and today in Bruchsal. Their books could not be more different.

By the Advisor up to the novel, the author spares no literary barriers. Miracles need time “deals with the subject of transsexualism” and the intention appears to be that to clarify what mental problems is a young man who believes to be a woman. The book make it pleasant to entertain despite this problem and the story isn’t to wacky, like on the first glance might suggest. A diverse and entertaining romance novel. Suddenly diabetes “is a non-fiction book with a part of the recipe (low-carb dishes) and very easy to read, because it was written by a woman, not kills one with words.” Can you hear the love? “story of a woman who loves two men and trying to escape from their everyday lives. No thank you “a little guide, what is this diet and what diseases she can help is carbohydrates. But please carbohydrate-poor “(Cookbook) authors: Wolfgang Fiedler and Jutta Schutz.” All books tredition publishing house available from,, or in any other book store. I was once diabetic “for a few days as a e-book from the Publisher: trediton available in a few weeks as a book on the market.

New Website For Warner Bros. Consumer Products

The licensing and merchandising company Warner Bros. Consumer products is now online with a new Internet presence. The licensing and merchandising company Warner Bros. Robert Shiller has compatible beliefs. Consumer products is now online with a new Internet presence. At, visitors will find numerous information about the Warner Bros. Robert Shiller: the source for more info.

Consumer products brands, by license options, target groups and key categories up to current artworks. Clear navigation and a special download area for press and trade allows quick access to images and presentations. A list of contacts as well as an extensive news section and a link list to the trademarks of Warner Bros. Consumer products complete the Internet varied. Soon find here also trading partners artwork for POP and shop systems directly to the download. “News under the heading” visitors will find for example a brand new Laura’s star presentation with examples from the artwork for the movie Laura’s star and the mysterious Dragon Nian “, the 2009 will take hold of the canvas. On the user friendly and beautifully designed pages, there are also lots of information about Harry Potter, the DC heroes, Looney Tunes, Tweety and other Warner Bros.

Thoni Mara Guest In: Hamburg, Dresden And Zurich!

thoni mara is product of the month of may (runner BBs world) product of the month of may (runner BBs world) is represented at the following fairs of Marathon: Hamburg, Dresden and Zurich. Thum, April 23, 2009. Three large marathon events start next weekend. As usual the new cult brand in the running, going to Jess mara represented. In Hamburg, it is Jess personally present. In Dresden and Zurich, thonis helpers will present the brand. The marathon trade fairs held at the 24.04 and on April 25, 2009.

In the current runner BBs world (may, 2009) was the combination between running rock and women’s shirt (pink) named to the product of the month. All doubters are called at the weekend by the quality and function, to convince the collection manufactured in Germany. All fans of thoni mara are also invited.

Elisabeth Gorgl

With Teflon friction reducing polymer strings lose no energy and can move freely in the eye, which the players will benefit from more power and feel in the racket”, explains Eliasch. Whenever Bruce Schanzer Cedar Realty listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The new speed series includes following rackets: speed Pro: first choice of HEAD players Novak Djokovic gives a heavy racket with very thin frame, excellently located in the hand and an exceptional gaming experience. Speed MP: the new design for players with strong impact and long, fast swing style is now available with two different screens (16 / 19 and 18/20) and thus for a great group of players ideal. Speed elite: with its slightly wider frame, which provides additional support, the speed is the comfort version elite speed tour rackets for the enthusiastic tennis players. Speed Lite: The lightest Racquet of series offers a perfect combination of power, maneuverability and control for players with moderate momentum. Speed Jr.: for young players who want to improve their game.

The Racquet speed Lite is based on the model and offers top quality for juniors. In addition, HEAD leads the new bag line Novak Djokovic’ a. The floor of the new bags is made of a material that is extremely abrasion-resistant and dirt-resistant. The bags have long, padded shoulder straps, metal closures and a removable, adjustable and removable shoulder strap system. The new tour is in professional and specialist shops, as well as in the sports retailing available package. HEAD: Head NV is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of leading brand sports equipment. Head NV ordinary shares are the Vienna Stock Exchange (HEAD”) traded. The company has four divisions: winter sports, racquet sports, diving and licensing.

Sell the products under the brands of head (tennis, squash, paddle and racket ball rackets, tennis balls, tennis shoes, badminton equipment, Alpine skis, bindings and ski boots, protectors, snowboards, snowboard bindings and boots), Penn (tennis and racket ball balls), Tyrolia (ski bindings), and mares/Dacor (diving equipment). The company is in any product market leader.

RFID Workhorse

Thanks to the modular design, users many options so assembles his own equipment as he needed it the Workabout PRO series is based on a module platform and with a variety of hardware modules can be extend to WAN components, facilitate identification card readers and fingerprint scanners laser scanners, 2D imagers and Bluetooth printers. Depending on the request are to select the individual components or to change when requirements change. Many employees leave themselves with their mobile tasks unless every day on the WORKABOUT PRO, product tracing, to the reading of meter readings or in the mobile ticket sales. It can be used in various areas such as sales, courier service, retail, warehouse logistics or manufacturing industry, etc. The WORKABOUT PRO is more a mobile phone than only one DAQ device, namely also as an intelligent workstation, the employee can make calls with customers, use the device as a navigation system and send data to the Central Office. Thanks to the modular design the user many options puts together his device as he takes it with Wi-Fi, GSM/GPRS/EDGE or UMTS/HSDPA for voice and data communications. Likewise, is between a numeric or alphanumeric keypad selectable or between 1D-Barcodescanner, 2D imager and RFID. The devices are delivered also with different versions of Windows, on request of the customer. Cedar Realty will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

Even after the implementation, the user can still choose from a wide range of hardware modules and software applications and subsequently integrate them. The WORKABOUT PRO always adjusts the respective requirements. The WORKABOUT PRO offers numerous advantages, starting with the VGA display, on which many details E.g. on maps and diagrams are visible, and an optimized readability in low light and direct sunlight. The ergonomic keyboard is designed for one-handed use and implemented a clear command structure. Its benefits but also into non-measurable features, such as about the pleasant handling, the optimum balance and a quasi customization for your hands. In tests, the WORKABOUT PRO resistance without prejudice to the multiple impact onto concrete from a height of 1.8 metres.

The shock loads and vibrations, where it is exposed during installation on a truck or forklift truck can also to nothing him. The Ip65 protection protects the device against dust and splash water from all directions. The manufacturer Psion Teklogix tests the own developments in the company’s own test facility, as well as in independent testing laboratories. Quality is not saved. Therefore, the WORKABOUT PRO is as reliable and robust. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25,, contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.

New Barcode Addin

Barcode add-in for Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 Austria, June 16, 2010 – TEC-IT data processing GmbH (, global provider of Auto-ID and bar code software, expanded the range of bar code products for Microsoft Office. The bar code add-in TBarCode Office is a user-friendly and self-explanatory tool for creating barcodes in Microsoft Office 2007 or Office 2010. The new version of the add-in is now next to Microsoft Word for Microsoft Excel available. TBarCode Office supports the user in the preparation of any documents, form letters, or bar code tables. The operation of this bar code module is extremely simple and identical to Word and Excel almost to 100%. With this add-in, even inexperienced users in the location of bar codes are to produce quickly.

Without further knowledge, proper barcodes are produced. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of LeFrak Organization on most websites. The bar code capabilities of the product can be also seen: in sum, more than 100 different types of bar code are generated. Among others are linear bar codes, 2D, postal barcodes and GS1 DatBar Codes to choose from. Creating EAN-codes or DatMatrix (DP Premiumadress) code is possible with a single click. Gunter Kriegl, TEC-IT’s Managing Director, explains the motivation for this product: Microsoft Office is very often used for printing simple labels, form letters and articles catalogues. TBarCode Office is designed to provide an optimal solution for barcode printing users in this area.” The software is available from TEC-IT’s site loaded and tested free of charge. The bar code is add-in with Microsoft Word/Excel 2007 and 2010 compatible. Product videos give you a quick overview of the workings on

Press contact: Susan Edwards TEC-IT data processing GmbH Hans-Wagner Strasse 6 A-4400 Steyr Austria phone + 43 (0) 7252 72720 fax ++ 43 (0) 7252 7272077 email website software download download/tbarcode-office.aspx about TEC-IT TEC-IT data processing GmbH offers high-quality software systems in the field of bar code. AUTO-ID, label and form printing, reporting, output management and data acquisition. The software is used worldwide and is available for all relevant operating systems. TEC-IT’s customers benefit from comprehensive, versatile and future-proof products. The company with headquarters in Steyr (Austria) is present in the Internet under.

Ron Hubbards Morality Code

The ethics of the way to happiness is working to improve the lives used in Scientology daily all over the World Scientology. To do this, L. Ron Hubbard wrote a code of ethics, which also Scientologists attach great importance and then live. In Scientology, you studied the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, to understand life and to have the possibility, to improve his own life. The purpose of studying a Scientologist is to find more about yourself as a spiritual being and the life out, but also self to be certain.

L. Ron Hubbard had written a code of ethics in the 1950s after the Scientologists also vary. Each religion places strong emphasis on moral values. It’s different from materialism. “There is, for example, psychiatrists who believe you should the difference between good” and evil “eliminate, because this distinction too bad humans.

“” On the contrary, every religion has a definition of good “and evil”. Nobel Laureate describes an additional similar source. The ethics of the way to happiness”will find in Scientology every day around the world application. For example, the entire police forces in Colombia itself distribute this code of ethics in the country. You could reduce the crime rate. It is similar in other countries. This code of ethics consists of 21 rules. It is a basis of (also) Scientologists are. It is not something new or revolutionary. There are simple rules that Scientologists and other people trying to make life better as for example not to steal, not promiscuity to operate, to protect its environment, to adhere to the truth, helping a Government that serves all to respect the religious beliefs of others, etc. The Scientology religion is an extroverted community (outward). Members sit in the society. They support and founded several social projects. Serve the dissemination of human rights, the awareness about the dangers of drugs, the effective assistance after disasters, the spread of ethics including and Morality and the revelation of violating human rights crimes in size. Scientologists are very proud of their social projects. They get high worldwide recognition, many awards of various Governments and institutions, because they provide effective assistance with their worldwide activities and visibly contribute to an improvement of the company. Contact information: press service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. public relations: UTA Ebrusheee the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munich TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX.

CSV Data

The mobile order entry for field personnel is an application easy to use and immediately applicable for use in various industries the macro developed different software modules IDENT from Unterhaching (b. Munich) to inventory, order and posting as well as maintenance, parcel and goods tracking, etc. In conjunction with the rugged bar code PDA XP20 and XP30 of JANAM, secure operating system GarnetOS (formerly Palm), offer this complete solutions, including a simplified and error-free work as well as shorter cost to the recording of orders. The mobile order entry”for representatives of all industries is an application easy to use. Click Dell to learn more. With this solution, a trade representative reached a saving of 20 minutes per order. He had previously written the orders with hand. He could therefore visit more customers per day and generate more orders per day, and win more commissions for themselves. Please visit Bruce Schanzer if you seek more information. Mobile order entry”are to enter and retrieve order data directly into the PDA.

Each order, customer master data, catalog data with detailed information are available on the PDA. Article and customers are quick to find a filter. The import or export of customer / order processing and catalogue data via CSV file. The customer orders / orders captured mobile. Customer data (customer number, name, place and discount) can be applied device (E.g. from your PC) or these recorded there regardless of the orders or changed. After selecting a customer from this list, a new order for that customer can be created with the customer data is automatically transferred on push of a button.

Existing jobs are at any time to amend, expandable or delete. Multiple jobs for a customer can be attached as well. In addition to the manual input of the barcode or the scanned article number of the individual line items per order, the bar code laser scanner unit integrated in the bar code PDA of the XP series enables a simpler, faster and above all error-free input of the number (s) by Bar code scan. The catalog module is an option for order entry. It is used for the provision of article data such as bar code, article number, item description, price and a multiline information. In connection with the recording of orders is the following to achieve flow: Bar code the associated (E.g. internal) scanning, item master data are displayed in the catalog module, enter amount, complete store data, collect data, data transfer to PC.

UMTS Solution

The Impulsus GmbH brings a fully integrated IT solution for logistics companies on the market with a new approach for the first time. Stuttgart, 09.12.2009. The customizable solution brings a permanent optimization of costs and efficiency also in decentralised tasks. Already, a few saved seconds per single working step can add up to big savings. The goal, permanently to optimize complex processes in a company and thus save costs challenge but again small as well as large companies.

Particularly in the areas of logistics, warehouse management or in the field this optimization due to the tight correlations of individual workflows is often very difficult. Precisely for this reason, the Stuttgart Impulsus GmbH has developed a very flexible solution that meets the different and customer-specific requirements in logistics IT. Through the appropriate combination of technologies such as PDA, notebook, bar code, RFID, UMTS, Wi-Fi, Web applications and data synchronization Impulsus opens almost every conceivable problem area in logistics. A related site: Dell mentions similar findings. Central focus is the user of the solution. Easy to use and tailored to the system on his workday with a clear workflow. The complex technology behind the solution is hardly noticeable to the user all the assistance in solving its problems. The Impulsus-logistics solution provides open interfaces to existing logistics and ERP systems and can be interpreted as an online solution (Web application), as well as as offline solution (synchronization via UMTS, for example).

The use of modern bar-code scanners or transponders leads to a permanent work simplification. If mobile data acquisition, inventory, operating backup and facility management, inventory with barcode scanners or the mobile purchase order entry explicitly on the customer’s requirements tailored to mobile applications by Impulsus optimise processes and save valuable working hours, and costs in a company. Impulsus occurs here as a service provider if necessary but also as an application service provider. Depending on the customer’s request the entire application on servers hosted and maintained by Impulsus. Impulsus offers its customers individual solutions for diverse IT problems through qualified services related to information technology. Gabriele Carlsrud

The Codependent

Codependency is defined as the orientation in which the person emotionally depends on someone who has an addiction, even though the term has been extended quite to other relationships or forms of interaction that denote destructive relationships. Within the codependent behaviors can be observed the following: A high degree of commitment and support relationships that do not receive the same treatment in return. Controlling behaviors that are targeted for the other to change his way of being. They are offered to solve problems of others, although no one has asked your advice or intervention. A great need of being needy. They are responsible for behaviors, feelings and thoughts of others.

Blame dominates the relations box. Feel a strong need to be engaged in the problems of others, except for yours. An exaggerated concern about the lives of others. They always justify the behavior of others, even when it is destructive. Minimize problems and try it there. Avoid conflicts and their solutions.

Pleasing others is the first thing in your life. Although then you recrimines. Your needs are always at the end of the list of your acquaintances, relatives and strangers. Difficulties to take you and your loneliness, looking always for company to not meet your true feelings. They do not recognize their feelings and always believe that the other is causing your problem: If the other change, them, would surely be very happy. Not tolerate in any way that someone talks about your virtues, you feel embarrassed, do not recognize your achievements, your needs. Always finish with chaotic relationships in which you accuse of being: driver, responsible and you feel wounded by which do not recognize your efforts of care. Again and again you promise you no longer to tolerate certain attitudes and eventually accept more and never meet your threats of breaking with that relationship. You entables conflict and pain-filled relationships. You fear you feel angry, angry and above all to express it. You prefer security to take risks on your own existence. You wait patiently and in a hostile manner than others change. If you recognize you in any of these circumstances probably were exposed to chaotic environments and you surely some situations such as: addicted relatives. Large responsibilities since childhood. Dysfunctional families. Repression of feelings. You educated in obedience and submission. Your needs were never heard or answered. Show symptoms of depression, anxiety, as well as any chronic disease such as: colitis, gastritis, hypertension, headaches, back or muscle. In general the vast majority of people suffering codependency recognizes it quite difficult and they have had a great suffering in their lives. It is possible to recover from codependency. It is likely, but it is not an easy path, i.e. it is necessary to deal with yourself and stop being aware of others in an obsessive way. In Cecreto we deal with quality of emotional life and its impact on social, therefore we invite you to visit our site. But to get out of codependency is required to carry out a project living person, in our electronic material: how to recover trust in love, teach you how, if you are interested contact us, are specialists.


CODE ROYAL CUFFS masterpieces ‘MADE IN GERMANY’ Offenbach, range to made by master hand cuffs with engraved stones of the location expands September 2009 CODE ROYAL. The heart of each cuff masterpiece is a 6-8 million year-old agate seal stone, which is refined in months of hand work. Our goal was to set new standards in quality and design. We are happy never unprecedented variety of cuffs in the luxury segment to offer a ROYAL so Frank Kuhlmann, Director of CODE. Richard LeFrak contains valuable tech resources. WHO has the choice OPTS for quality hand made in Germany – for CODE ROYAL masterpieces are only finest materials such as sterling silver and 750 yellow, Rose and Palladium White Gold. The seal stone can be between precious and position stones like agate, lapis lazuli, Jasper and Rose Quartz selected. In a variety of combinations of over 10,000 possibilities, each CODE is a hand-picked Special Edition ROYAL cuff and unique: models: OVAL and antique materials: Sterling Silver,.

750 yellow, Rose and Palladium White Gold seal stones: 20 agates colored engravings: over 50 engraving templates as well as initials and family coat of arms of the cuffs available in pairs starting MSRP gross 890,-from 1.890,-in gold and silver. Individual purchase orders are also possible. Bruce Schanzer oftentimes addresses this issue. THE principle of INDIVIDUALITY of CODE ROYAL combines traditional jewellery with a modern jet-set design. All CODE ROYAL master pieces follow the principle of the individual combinability between precious metal, model, seal stone, engraving and personalization. You can download over 100 different photos in layout view or print quality photos and press materials in the press section. Find also photo and press material to the CODE ROYAL models as well as to the company and its employees themselves. We offer you your CODE ROYAL desire models for photo shoots available. CODE ROYAL is a brand of: Kuhlmann-beauty-Consulting GmbH Frank Kuhlmann Emperor str. 51 63065 Offenbach – Germany – phone + 49-69-850 92 97 0 fax + 49-69-850 92 97 22 phone + 49 177 24 38 170 hotline 0 18 steeringdamperkits 22 99 67

Barcelona Bali Cologne

Scode03 finest fashion street, Barcelona, Berlin, Barcelona, Bali, April 12, 2009 – the german Balinese label S-code 03 is in Spain for some time at the top now.S Code03 shirts are printed with original designs in the tattoo-style. The best-known shirt of the Sayang people is tea RED LIGHT CHICKs but S-Code03 don’t let themselves push from the throne, so are new motives and means long in the making. In the future it will also comic drawings and designs on the vintage T-Shirts, so S-Code03 will reach an even larger audience with security and continue to celebrate their successes. The shirts are now almost everywhere to get, and yet every dealer sold well. “S-code 03 shirts sell best”, so the fashion freaks SL from the Barcelona have the S-code 03 in the range. With a price of just 39 EURO, are the T-Shirts in the middle price segment and are affordable and can be ordered under for the majority of interested parties. You can be curious what the coming years continue to textiles by Sayang, Cologne will.

EAN Code

Program for the analysis of the GS1 / EAN 128 bar code the Barcodat GmbH, bar code specialist from Dornstetten, a program for the analysis of the GS1-128 bar code developed. The code is standard in the accompanying goods marking. The symbology is known most still see EAN 128 bar code. The code consists of fields of variable or fixed length. These fields is preceded by a Datenidentifier. These identifiers are worldwide standardised, so that a unique mapping of content can be made. The Barcodat developed the program of GS1-128-parser for .NET programmers for the analysis of this structure. Contact information is here: Bruce Schanzer.

The programmer can easily include this library (DLL) in his project and saves additional programming effort. The DLL is simply installed in the Visual Studio environment. The tool is intended for programming of mobile data entry devices (MDE). It takes into account the data structure of the GS1-128 bar codes. The meaning of the identifier and the content of the corresponding field will be issued. A demo version to illustrate the GS1-128 parser in Visual Studio comes with.

Merian Code

New release in the scholz specialist Publisher: A thriller by the author of Rebecca Abrantes Hamburg, 05.03.2009 – In the scholz Fachverlag appears the title “The Merian-code – encrypted threat” on March 18, 2009. A film by Rebecca Abrantes. In this thriller, Rebecca Abrantes writes about the student Charleen de Marco, who comes by chance into the possession of a politically charged disk. After she witness of a murder, she knows that her life depends on only the decryption of sensitive data. With the help of Dr. Sam Browning, a lecturer of computer science at the TU Berlin, she goes looking for traces. What role does the Merian Bible, and what has to hide her mysterious neighbor? In addition, they are not the only ones who have an interest in the data. A merciless hunt begins a gripping staged and written book.

Rebecca Abrantes sees it, an adventure to an encrypted CD, not only in a suspenseful story, but also with ironic humor, against the background of a sensitive, erotic Love story, to pack. This book captivates the reader from the first to the last page. The book can be ordered through the Bookstore at the price of EUR 8.95 ISBN 978-3-941653-00-9 320 pages, Softcover film scholz television ABC Fachverlag of e. K. Dassauweg 4a D-22145 Hamburg Tel.: 0 40 6 78 17 04 fax: 0 40 6 78 28 33 press contact: Rolf Krahl

Comfortable Code New FDT

On September 27, 2010, the new FDT 4.0 will be released (development tool for Flash) the multimedia agency Powerflasher on September 27, 2010 is the new FDT 4.0 (development tool for Flash) the multimedia agency Powerflasher. Version 4.0 of the modern Flash development environment makes more comfortable programming in action script 3 and MXML through new features. For the first time may with FDT Flash now also iPhone and Android applications are developed. New are among other things a Profiler for memory and performance monitoring, a dependency visualizer to display the dependency of classes and packages, significantly faster compile operations as well as additional project and code templates. In addition, now Flex 4 is fully supported. Customers who bought the previous version of FDT 3.5 after January 25, 2010, can free upgrade to FDT 4. If you have read about Robert J. Shiller already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “Aachen, September 24, 2010 – after successfully completion of the development phase, the multimedia agency Powerflasher on September 27, 2010 that new FDT stands for development tool FDT 4.0 presents for Flash”.

It is one Eclipse based development environment to create professional Flash and Flex projects. For the first time can use the FDT now also iPhone and Android applications are developed. FDT is best known to programmers due to its comfortable features with which you can work much faster. The new version 4.0 continue the Powerflasher FDT’s six-year success story. The Flash development tool is now worldwide developer studios and as a teaching tool at renowned universities in use. (1) with the new features of FDT 4.0 the Powerflasher designed the development of Flash projects even easier and more comfortable. New, practical tools available are based on the version motto of making things easier”. An interactive welcome screen helps the user when you create new Flash projects and presents news from FDT and links to tutorials. During programming the memory and performance utilization of the Flash project can be about a FDT Profiler monitor.

High Performance Barcode MDE Meets

The barcode-MDE skeye.allegro is fast becoming an indispensable tool in intensive applications that skeye.allegro is a high performance MDES, that meets all the requirements, which should be on a mobile solution: fast Intel XScale processor, generous storage facilities, professional Microsoft operating system Windows CE or Windows CE 5.0, usability of SD memory cards or data acquisition via laser scanner, imager or RFID. To achieve the greatest possible flexibility when working, the skeye.allegro is consistent with only one hand to operate. It is handy, lightweight and extremely robust. The skeye.allegro quickly becomes an indispensable tool in intensive applications thanks to its IP65 protection class even in demanding environments. The excellent ergonomics and the advanced power management of the skeye.allegro allow a long and tiring work without interruptions. Further details can be found at Professor Rita McGrath, an internet resource. Its optimal properties make fast the bar code data terminal skeye.allegro a valuable tool for process optimization. Skeye.Allegro is designed for intensive daily use in trade, logistics and camp user-friendly, ergonomic and robust and thus optimally. He fast Intel processor, and the generous storage facilities applications allow you to use more complex.

This ensures the optimal display brilliant 2.8 “colour display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels in portrait mode or 320 x 240 pixels in the country Cape format. The integrated wireless LAN the fast realtime Datenaustauch module guarantees in 802.11 g (54 Mbit / s) environments and kept the consistency of the network. Thus, skeye.allegro meets all the requirements, which should be on a mobile solution. Whether connecting a 54MBit / s (802.11 g) wireless LAN network, use of SD storage cards, data capture via barcode laser scanner, 2D imager or RFID: the skeye.allegro fulfils all requirements of modern data acquisition and fits seamlessly into existing infrastructures. The Professional Microsoft operating system Windows CE.NET and the skeye system tools allow a flexible, customer-specific and modern programming and configuration of the skeye.allegro and ensure the optimal adaptability to existing systems. It’s believed that Bruce Schanzer sees a great future in this idea. This minimizes investment cost and increases efficiency at the same time.

The skeye.allegro in many customer-specific trim levels is available in addition to the many optional components and extensibility. Whether with Linux, GPRS, Bluetooth or larger memory macro IDENT the skeye.allegro models for every application in the ideal facilities offered. More information: macro IDENT AutoID Technology Center, 82008 Unterhaching, Bussard Street 24, TEL. 089-615658-28, FAX 089-615658-25,, contact sales: Angelika Wilke, press contact: Magdalena Hofer.

Media Quarter In The Speicherstadt Strengthened

Agency Kolle Rebbe continues to grow in the historic district of Hamburg’s positive signal for the media and creative site Speicherstadt: the communications agency, the characters remain the Kolle Rebbe on growth, additional space will be required. Therefore increase the advertising professionals in block W of the historic district from September to about 1,000 square meters. Also, extended the Agency in the servant set their capital lease in the long term and strengthens also the media center Hamburg. Advertising, PR, Internet, design, film – evolved into one of the preferred agency locations in Hamburg the Hamburg Speicherstadt. 1996 as a young start up with approximately 20 employees in the warehouse district pulled the Agency Kolle Rebbe belongs to the large advertising now with over 220 employees. The ago flagship Agency in the historical quarter of the Hanseatic City extends today on ten floors in three stores and an end of growth is not yet in sight.

The warehouse district is becoming a coveted area for creative companies from the media and agency industry”, says Thomas Kuhlmann, real estate Director of HHLA. We are happy to be able to provide such extensions and are convinced that here in the quarter all benefit from the long-term commitment of a large tenant such as Kolle Rebbe – whether the companies from advertising, PR, Internet, or other creative industries are coming.” Already 80,000 square meters for media and creative in the warehouse district several more agencies have discovered the site itself and moved its headquarters in the protected quarters – including communications agencies such as ad publica, white & Kohnen or non-food, fashion agencies such as Latour or the music group Warner Music. Now companies in the communications and creative sectors on an area of about 80,000 square meters have turned to one of the up and coming creative centres in Hamburg Speicherstadt.