Peruvian Law

They can also be comparisons between French law and Peruvian law, or only with respect to real property law or real right of possession or purchase agreement or contract of guarantee. In our comparative approach is not is very well developed by legal scholars and by methodologists. Juan Carlos Gardella examines the comparative methodology of law and defines the legal comparison involved alongside other procedures, to provide more security to the findings of each basic method also requires that the strength of conviction that a particular way of interpreting a rule has in the case of a country is strengthened if we compare these results with those achieved hermeneutic from a similar rule in the case of another country. As we stated on record that the case law is also applicable to and enforceable legal custom. REBNY wanted to know more. Ie apply the comparative method strengthens the results of legal research with other research methods.

It is also necessary to specify that in our view to use the comparative method must have been studies in depth before making it difficult to accept that is used comparative method in the right when you first start an investigation on a particular topic or research, for example the study of real rights in the law of two States, we believe that it is appropriate only when it has been investigated on real rights. The same applies when making a comparative study of the exceptions process in the Peruvian civil procedure and civil procedure law in Argentina, as in this case required a preliminary study of the exceptions process in the Peruvian law when we are performing the investigation reference to the Peruvian law. .

Feeds For Small Business: Real World Examples

A merchant who was talking the other day I asked, “Do not feed on larger companies with IT people on staff?” All they knew about feeds is that large companies, news providers, etc., are used. After I explained how that particular merchant could use a food for your business, they were very excited about the opportunity to do just that. The trader was actually talking particular had no website and no one sees the need. But after discussing the channels they definitely thought that food service could benefit your business. The feeds can benefit any business online or not. below are a few samples of how the channels can be used. In the first case the trader does not have a particular website.

A company like ours can develop a feed that merchant. We have a website developed with the information that the dealer wants on it, such as offers weekly, etc. food and host the website on our server. Food and update the website of the store on a contractual basis. The merchant, simply contact us with new information that they want their customers to know.

You can contact us by e-mail or by telephone or by mail if desired. In his outlet pass out a leaflet or brochure announcing its new food service for its customers. The traveler will have the URL of the page we have developed for the merchant, the feed address of the trader, the way the customer can obtain a free reader, and training and education to clients pages so they can familiar with the benefits and safety of food. Will be interested, since they can receive information about the vendors do not spam, spam threatens not download viruses AMD. Customers entering the feed readers can obtain information update on the store in particular. The merchant does not need a website to do this or that people upfor sign a mailing list. The customer is in control because they can add and remove any food from your reader at any time. For a merchant who has a website, but may not have time to develop a feed or pages that can do the same as above. They may have us or a company like ours, to handle food, the pages and hosting. The merchant to send the feed information on its website for people to a free reader, the URL of the file, and that feeds about edcucational material supply for its customers. For people who have websites that have been developed by others and have little or no knowledge of how to update your site, we also offer web site maintenance. You can update your site with all the information you want. This service pack can be offered by online and offline businesses. Any company or organization, whether companies, business brick mortar retail, a business from home or online business can use this service to better assist their customers or members to find the best deals on products and services and the right information your community and around the world. For more information on the channels and our business packages please visit the following site: Bob Power has been an Internet entrepreneur for more than you would like to remember. a l is the president and both of which education is deducted feed. These articles my be reproduced exactly as shown above. No revisions or changes are allowed.

Franchise Business

The franchise business is an option for capital investment demonstrates continued growth in the last ten years. Is that franchising business is a fast and statistically safe recovery of capital in the short to medium term and receive net proceeds from this point. Points to consider before deciding to franchise business in deciding among the vast number of offers that exist in franchising business is important to follow this route:? Research: This step involves the survey of market demand and existing powers in the business thought. Analyze: It is desirable and necessary to analyze gains control rendered on vending franchise to buy? Evaluate: variables about the location of the vending machine, the density of potential consumers who pass the area, the safety of it, the agreement of service with the socio-economic level of potential consumer traffic. Robert Speyer shines more light on the discussion. Choose: a franchise should decide according to the results of the previous steps.

Investing: its capital is made operational through vending franchises business franchises: the most chosen there is a statistical record that exposes the world’s best business franchises chosen by investors and converted by, the same choice under the Business Franchise more successful. In general the top of world rankings show these headers by large convenience stores, supermarkets or supermarket. These large business franchises are generally assured success in terms of net profit after capital recovery offers significant figures, of course always in relation to the importance of the amount invested. Three cases of successful business franchise?

Benefits Of Renting

Decisions should be more agile. You are allowed to make decisions more quickly than if you live in a home. If the housing stops like or no longer meets the requirements can change very easily, because every time the sale of a house expands further in time. Also, the move can be easier and less expensive and can be rented furnished accommodation more affordable financing. – For a rental housing is not required to have substantial savings or large initial amounts of money. In the case of purchase is required an input address.

The car only requires a deposit (which usually corresponds to one month’s rent) and, sometimes, management fees and any guarantee, in any case smaller and cheaper than those needed to apply for a mortgage. Besides the bond is recovered when terminating the contract. – The rental cost is not implied that it is the purchase as are the costs of opening a mortgage, housing register, to pay scripts, VAT and other taxes. Increased mobility. The rent is not anchored to a specific city and encourages labor mobility. Facilitates changes of residence for professional reasons. That is, the rent does not close the door to new job opportunities arising in other cities. Best fit to requirements.

Enter a rented house can accommodate the needs in life-cycle housing. The rental housing can be adapted to new needs as they change residence can much more easily. In youth you want to dwellings in the city centers. With the arrival of the children prefer larger homes and more near schools and parks.

The Internet

But the real turning point, and real understanding of the potential of the business of Internet Marketing came when I learned what I consider the most important factor that makes this possible, and generate pre-qualified traffic. Of course it is very important to have good landing page or Web site (whether they be yours or that redirects to a third party site), however if you do not have a good number of visitors (pre-qualified) to that site, will not happen nothing, plain and simple. The traffic generation is most difficult part of Internet marketing, and is where most fail because many of the courses that exist in the market, give you many tools, prefabricated sites, content, keyword lists, tutorials, etc. but when you go to the real world, you realize you’re getting little or no traffic or you are wasting money trying to get visitors paid traffic sources such as Google AdWords. The Internet marketing is not then a business promotion or a large business Web site designers, of course that these things are important, but what really take your business to the heights, is the traffic that you can take to your landing page.

They are simple math, if you promote a product worth $ 200 USD which converts at a rate of 2 out of 100 visitors, and manage to generate a continuous traffic of 200 visitors a day (which is perfectly achievable), will be generating about $ 800 USD days, but if you’re only getting two visitors a day, I guarantee you will not see a penny, without matter how well designed your site. So if you are one of those who left the challenge of obtaining wealth through Internet Marketing, or just those thinking about starting, bet to learn how to generate traffic, really worth the effort, but remember, be sure to focus your energies on what really matters: the generation of traffic. Do not overlook the other aspects of business, (which are also important) just make sure a good share of your efforts to focus on generating traffic to your landing pages and I assure you that you will see results..

The Global Real Estate Crisis

The eyes are on U.S. for a speedy recovery appears to be that close or not, after the tax credit in the U.S. comes to an end on April 30 without brakes Values fall suddenly. It seems frankly ridiculous in which several media only talk about an increase in home sales in USA which is true but the other side of the story is this: you buy a house for $ 50,000 … yes! and that is the key “sales rise but prices fall,” adding to that a historic record-breaking unemployment as in the era of Reagan, United States several years will worsen and drag to Europe For instance Chicago is a city most important economically speaking in the USA and this is a graph of property values in Chicago which is the average price down without brakes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Professor Rita McGrath. This could last until 2013 just to stabilize the situation. Robert Speyer will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

After comparing the Americans and Spanish market I can criticize the banking and government which has not been wet or appears extreme measures such as the U.S. government which draws millions of innocent owners and save the banks that are protected by some form of say in the middle who should take the call, which Consite to sell a property for the NO taxado value and the value provided by the payee bank, and thus move the market by creating opportunity, I’ll explain if someone bought a house in 2004 by 450,000 Euros was taxada today at 250,000 Euros, would be sold at that value and the bank will seek the tickling forgiving the remaining money to the landlord. What is the reason why an apartment in Barcelona in 2004 that costs money bought in 2010 for non-payment will be arrested for the simple fact of not being able to sell at a value that is more absurd than the titanic sunken? not fair and the government would have to find the chestnuts in this case charging the banks a difference and that the owner does not damage your future as a consumer, forcing him to seize his home, which really was they who provided the money without any logic as 100% of cattle to pay a mortgage, and I refieron to the libreton and others. Hypothetically this apartment in Barcelona arrested if you sell for the price taxado not due to the bank, where the logic …. I personally only see the punishment to the owner that has nothing to do with this horrible situation. For this reason and others Spain if not controlled and Zapatero takes action begins to control the banks and the banks could end up worse than the Titanic by the selfishness of the banks, although several European countries are in the same situation.


In accordance with the same author, this type of dominant mentality adjusted fully the interests without limits, does not open space for the reality and nor for the understanding of the conditions of production of the knowledge he is to foresee the fatality of the destinations of the collective one to be lead solely for that really they have access to the world of the knowledge. For Cortella (2008) to guarantee the right of the individual to the education it is to assume a very bigger responsibility that to assure to each one the reading possibility, of the writing and the calculation; it is to guarantee to all the full development of its mental functions and the moral acquisitions of the knowledge and values that correspond to the exercise of these functions in the adaptation of the social life. In these hodiernos times, according to Bobbio (1992), that if it constitutes the society of the knowledge, notices that in the distance between rich poor persons and it also increases because of the access to available knowledge and to the new forms of language that need a proper socialization. The declaration and the guarantee of a right become essential, with one strong elitist tradition and that traditionally they reserve only to the privileged layers the access to this corporate property. To declare is to remove of the esquecimento and to proclaim to that they do not know that they continue to be carrying of an important right. Of this the necessary collection of this right results when it is not respected. Brazil recognizes basic education as a right of all since 1934 and in the Constitution of it recognizes it to 1988 as subjective public law. In 1967, basic education (primary) passes of four for eight years obligator. It is obligator, gratuitous and who will not have had access to this stage of the escolaridade can appeal to justice and demand its vacant.

Job Fulfillment

So, which leads to dissatisfaction. It is not" work ". This "reference anxiety" syndrome also explains the growing gap in income distribution. The Time article provides: "… Paradoxically, the dramatic increase in money … that triggers dissatisfaction …" and this is part of the dissatisfaction that people bring to work with them, besides the dissatisfaction that people say that the experience because the work itself. In other words, many are taking their profound feelings of lack and deficiency by blaming their work often blaming their workplace in some way, shape or form. Go to Nobel Laureate in Economics for more information.

Therefore, leading to dissatisfaction. Not "work." Finally, the article by Time Magazine (and many others who talk about these issues) refers to the workplace: "People who love their jobs feel challenged by their work .." Notice, not the reverse. In fact, the "love" work comes first. Love the work you do. So, yes, many people are dissatisfied with their work. The Time magazine article states, people who love their jobs "… find meaning in what they do." Once again people, the reality is that many simply do not and can not find meaning in what they do, but they do, and the issue of $ 10, why? "Why do they do? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the article by Time Magazine, said: "…

Everything can be fun if the elements of thread is this. In this context, making a seemingly boring job can be a source of greater fulfillment than once thought possible." The Dalai Lama says, "do nothing. His work and life are the same.

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Atlas East

The design of the layout, with a natural path, is consistent with the purest tradition and philosophy UK offers wide streets and hidden surprises to be found near the green, as impenetrable and dense bush greens of the track is particularly slow and long strokes are very demanding. The wind is also a real challenge in this field, situated quite near the sea. One of the favorite holes by golfers is the hole number 15, a magnificent par 5 and crossed by two streams which last part of the route ascends to a blind green. Royal Golf de Fez architect Cabell B. Robinson designed this 18 hole approximately 17 miles from Fez, in the midst of a stunning olive grove and a spectacular view of the peaks of the Atlas East.

His long streets wind among the olive trees and natural features undulate along the relief. The architect wanted to fully satisfy the golfers who visit this tour featuring ponds, trees, greens and bunkers of different shapes giants (ahay a up to 1. 200 Mo!). The route is characterized by well placed bunkers crowded and are a myriad of traps. In addition, the track undulates in numerous outstanding, mostly in the 18th hole, probably the most difficult part of the path. Also, the water hazards are numerous and demanding, especially on the green at hole 3, flanked on both sides by water, and the dropping zones on holes 1, 3, 5, 9, 17 and 18 and make travel a true gem.


It is not about developing hundreds of measures, but to undertake a couple of them with pragmatism. Personally I am convinced that the crisis is not real estate, but financial. No money in the credit markets, and therefore, no consumption. It is funded through savings or by borrowing. Shining both by their absence, there are no potential buyers, so that even reached the stage of pricing. It is a fallacy to say that the properties are over valued by 10%, 40% or 100%. A real effects have no market price. Some say that there is no credit because the banks themselves lack resources.

Not entirely true, or at least crave the claim was incomplete. Banks as we know them today, or at least those who intend to refer, are mere financial intermediaries. Focus on active more typical: the granting of mortgages. Such action is not in itself the final activity. It involves a really productive phase, since after these mortgages must be placed on third parties who actually provide the ultimate resources. We must therefore distinguish between the Commercial Bank of Investment, which returns her the money he has temporarily advance, and recognizes its net interest income. The real investors, buyers end of the liabilities of commercial banks, the generic name of "banking on the spare." Who, in a scenario like the present, are less likely to invest and everyone expects the asset price falls. Nobody can buy something worth less tomorrow. This means the immediate immersion in the theory of "self-fulfilling prophecy", coined by sociologist Robert Merton, which in origin is not nothing but a false definition of the situation (the asset price will fall), which raises a behavior new (left to pay), which becomes false true original budget (eventually prices fall).

Mortgage Lending

Unfortunately at the present time rather than just to save a large enough amount to meet all their desires, needs and requirements. Professor Rita McGrath will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Buy a vacation home, new home, an apartment for the middle class is definitely a challenge. That's why most people resort to the choice of services to various financial institutions, precisely for obtaining different types of lending: consumer, mortgage, etc. Only in this way could to carry out long-held dream: to buy a car, go on a journey to transform your home and much more. Mortgage lending by any other credit varies its dynamism.

Due to the growth of wanting to taking this loan there is a change in the conditions of issue, another reason may be lifting up and down the banking system, unstable operation, the change of legislation. Almost every day began to appear any innovations in which 'unshod' people get confused. In order to clarify all the conditions voprosovi rules to help people to come a mortgage broker. His main duty – help in obtaining a loan for his the customer and finding the best option for him credit. Mortgage broker helps the person to choose the right direction in a continuous stream of suggestions: car loans, buying real estate through a mortgage obtaining consumer credit, credit for small and large businesses. In addition the officer for a short time gathers all the required documentation and provides advice to its competent coverage. When registration of credit occur their organizational complexity, with whom the mortgage broker must cope in the short term. The main function of a mortgage broker is to represent the interests of the client with the best the best hand for the bank's credit committee, which decides eligibility for credit. After the final phase of this adviser can offer help in finding suitable real estate, car or anything otherwise specified in the contract.

Pannon Cargo MGSS

The vast majority of currently operates on the Danube fleet built 60-80s are not appropriate for several reasons significantly increased current requirements for safety of navigation and transportation. Virtually stopped the construction of new ships in all the Danube countries due to lack of ship-owners can afford it. Western European countries (Germany, Holland, Belgium), relatively stable politically and economically, through a variety of special exemptions, credits, state investments are sufficiently intense to build a new fleet of shipbuilding and shipyards, with the equipment, power plants equipped with it in its factories. This two-pronged approach considerably reduces the cost of ships and postroechnuyu further significantly reduces the costs associated with their use. Today, with the greatly increased cost of maintaining the vehicle fleet, there was a decrease in freight rates and volumes of traffic, so the return on newly built ships to operate on the Danube their costs is inadequate, since very long time, and further complicated by the instability of the situation surrounding the events in Yugoslavia. In this regard, the concept deserves attention of the general renovation of vessels, undertaken by transport concern "Mayer-group" (Germany, Regensburg), which now includes former Court of shipping Bavarian Lloyd (Germany), DDSG (Austria) and private joint ventures Pannon Cargo MGSS, Pan Car Schiffe (Hungary), Slov Cargo (Slovakia). The idea of such a recovery vessel has long been known, and is currently operated on the Danube cargo ships from the Rhine, past the modernization of more than a dozen years ago. Its essence is that the housing of the old ship, barge docks section or the stern of another vessel with the superstructure and engine room somewhat smaller in width, increased capacity of power plant, more comfortable living conditions.

Installed 2500 Kone Elevators In Buildings

If there is a niche market that KONE, a leading manufacturer of vertical transport, has broken the record, that is the rehabilitation and installation of elevators in buildings that lacked them. And that, as Francis explains Pardeiro, director of major accounts and new works by KONE Spain, up and down in an elevator is not something everyone can do. Nobel Laureate in Economics understands that this is vital information. “There are many buildings because of their age do not have an elevator. Boris Kuzinez may find it difficult to be quoted properly. However this is no longer a problem because no matter how they are built apartment blocks find the best solution for people who inhabit them can provide vertical transportation, “he adds. Against this background cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo and Valencia increasing demand plus the installation of elevators in buildings that do not. Not only because that is gained in safety, but also for accessibility. “Hiring the installation of an elevator brings many advantages to them as visitors. Especially older people, the that are loaded with shopping carts, shopping bags, suitcases .., families with children, people with difficulty in movement.

Having lift improves quality of life and the value of their home, “added Monica Martin, director of marketing for the company. As shown in a lift one of these lifts installed by KONE 2500 is located in the block of flats in the Council of Trent Street 324, Barcelona. There the challenge was to implement a four-storey building an elevator to all families with children who lived there. Said and done. “Before there were many problems KONE: stairs in heavy traffic, noisy and dangerous.

SHB Real Estate Fund

“Variable are a fundamental principle of the SHB real estate fund this fund size and the ability to purchase real estate, offers significantly more return opportunities, since with rigid” investments can often be unresponsive to changes in the market. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) shows one of the secrets of their success: it is the Fund’s capacity to be able to buy real estate through accumulated savings contributions. That can be seen on quite as unique selling proposition of the real estate fund of SHB innovative fund concepts AG”, says Hans Gruber of the SHB AG. The principle is very easy. Unlike most holdings, which already set at prospectus issue, in which real estate investment only initial investments are funds of SHB AG from the outset. For the subsequent investment, a renewed planning takes place followed by only one. Concrete objects are comprehensively examined by the experts of SHB innovative fund concepts AG and evaluated.

Only then will depending on the possible market situation and the actual volume of fund investment. Hans Gruber explains that gives us”a tremendous market advantage, by SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Because the Fund volume could be variable adjusted and reacts according to the development of the initial investment. Another important point: The follow-on investments are accompanied by an independent Advisory Board, so by investors or brokers who have invested in the respective fund. Offers optimal flexibility, as they of course for the decisions of the Fund management otherwise only have the managers of open-end real estate funds.

“That gives us a clear advantage over our competitors which ultimately our investors the most benefit from”, explains Gruber. The advantages of this flexibility are clearly obvious to him: we have a temporal advantage of half a year or more compared to a traditional fund structure. At this time we can sufficiently examine all factors and conditions may have changed taking.” So have the real estate professionals of the SHB the ability quickly to be able to react to the market a unique opportunity presents itself or a temporary window opens. Fund concepts such as the BusinessPark Stuttgart, the Carre Gottingen or the SHB funds Zakri Court Munich-Unterhaching KG have been already implemented successfully in this way.

Property Linguistics

Learn the legal documents (certificate of registration of property) and the passport of the owner, be sure to verify the address. It also happens that the cheaters are changing signs on buildings, entered into a contract, take a pledge you come the next day and find that the address here and none of the other Money did not hear anything. By the way, you can check the authenticity of the certificate officially. For information about the owner of the property upon request of any interested person. The term of the query – 7 days, the cost – about $ 100. Ask the owner to present an excerpt from the house of the book. From this document you will find remains whether any member of the family of the owner the right to live in an apartment.

Note the terminology here there is some confusion. Renting and hiring – the concepts are different, although their mixing occurs very often. The concept of 'rent' is used when the subject of hiring stands a building or structure (such as a vacation home) and when the employer a legal entity. If you – an individual renting a flat, draw up a contract of employment premises. Let us return to our sheep. What should be required to register in the employment contract of the apartment? Location and description of the type property, ie, point, shoot you an apartment or room number of rooms, square, and so on.

The basis of description of the apartment to take the title documents. Passport data of the owner and tenant. Ask owner to produce several kinds of documents – passport, driving license, health insurance card. One passport can be forged and a few documents – is unlikely. The term of employment. Maximum period renting legally limited to five years. If the contract period is not specified, it is also assumed to be five years. Fix the amount of the fee for hiring. You can prescribe the conditions under which it is possible to increase or reduction in fees during the contract period. Specify the amount contributed by your mortgage. Since the bail is used primarily as a safeguard in case of damage to property and housing, it is necessary to describe the conditions of confinement him. Payment of utility bills. According to the law is the responsibility of the employer, unless the contract provides otherwise. Repair of apartments. Most often, the capital – the duty of the owner, the current – the employer, but contract, you can specify, for example, that the costs of maintenance are taken into account in payment of hire. This is only the main points of agreement. Everything else is left to your discretion. In each case has its peculiarities. Ask Friends and rents an apartment for a long time, what conflicts arose with their masters and try to avoid such situations, including the relevant items in the contract. You may need to specify the time at which owner can come to you with a check. Also, if you want, you can fix the consent of the owner to ensure that you issue a temporary registration. Introducing a fee, do not forget to take the owner a receipt for money.

Egyptian Pharaohs

However, the new materials could not completely replace the tree – a soft, accessible and 'live' material – even the great pyramids of Egyptian Pharaohs along with the stone figures of gods sometimes are, and wood. Wood is less durable, so that from ancient times until we reach a description that gave each other and which portrayed the gifts of the gods of our ancestors. C the advent of the great discoveries of Europeans rushed to find new lands and explore the world. From distant wanderings in large quantities were brought as souvenirs different things distant tribes and peoples – household items utensils (spoons, cups, vases, pitchers), weapons (spears, bows, arrows, shields), religious attributes (masks, wands, figurines of gods and demons), etc. This tradition is preserved and still – witness the recent craze ethnic sculptures from exotic woods and ritual masks of African and South American tribes. In the Renaissance, complicates all, including gifts made of wood – they became more sophisticated, decorated with exquisite intricate carvings, came into fashion inlay, marquetry and all kinds of mosaic.

Technology is widely applied – from pocket snuff and pipes to commodes, cabinets, other furniture and parquet. But all this was common among the wealthy classes and the court. And in the villages and settlements remained all still – the people lived in poverty, the most accessible material left tree. Wooden toys, and many household items (mostly kitchen utensils and furniture) are traditionally made of wood, because it was relatively easy, and certainly cheap. In Russia the most popular toys (excluding dolls of straw) was figurine of a horse.

The modern image of it can still be found in the form of horses, ropes and swings in a horse on the playgrounds. With the advent of the xxi century in the world of wooden souvenirs in fact nothing has changed – people driven from holidays and Travel figurines and masks made of wood, the lovers are presented with carved boxes, mirrors and photo frames. Still exists and souvenir 'elite' – vip gifts and business gifts – works of art that language does not turn to call just a job or products – ashtrays and boxes of rare trees, a huge sculpture from whole tree trunks, exclusive furniture of the highest quality and much more. In conclusion I would like to say that until the trees grow and people live – gifts and souvenirs from this warm and lively material will be made, presented to loved ones, friends, colleagues and imported from overseas travels.

Facebook PSOE

EFE we know we should have reacted earlier and ask forgiveness, but we believe that we are working to resolve the problem, they highlight. According to the PSOE, banks and start to move until there is a new mortgage law because Rubalcaba asked him Friday. Rubalcaba recognizes that the PSOE had to have faced evictions in the Government. We take measures, but they were clearly insufficient. BLOG: PP and PSOE does not put the medal. The PSOE, through his Twitter account, has asked forgiveness Monday for not having reacted before to the drama of the evictions, a self-critique that joins the expressed already by its Secretary general, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, who has acknowledged having made mistakes in this regard during its stage of Government. And ensure that banks and start to move until there is a new mortgage law because Rubalcaba asked him Friday. We know that we should have reacted earlier and we ask forgiveness for it, but we believe that we are working to solve the problem, it stresses the message.

The Socialists claim be also fully aware of the importance of social pressure and the work done by associations as the platform for people affected by the mortgage or movements as the 15-M to deal with the situation of thousands of families threatened by foreclosures. In parallel, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba has posted an entry on her Facebook page that returns to recognize that the PSOE had to have faced the problem of evictions when he was in the Government. We take measures, but they were clearly insufficient. With the worsening of the crisis and the increase in unemployment, the situation is now worse, but the problem is not new, ensures. In his message, Rubalcaba thus leaves to the passage of the criticism it has received for not having reacted before this problem and, in particular, when the PSOE presided over the Executive. I understand the criticism, but I think that it contains a contradiction, because she was accepted it would mean that a political party has no capacity to rectify. We must learn from the errors, but past mistakes cannot ever be a slab that prevents act towards the future, says. The leader of the PSOE makes clear that self-criticism is always necessary, but warns that it may never be paralyzing and therefore committed to continue working to reach agreements with the Government to give solution to this scourge that affects thousands of Spaniards.So I understand the opposition: a useful opposition to a right which tries to impose an unjust solution to the crisis, stresses. See more: El PSOE asked “forgiveness” for having not faced before the drama of the evictions

Mortgage and Housing

The question of housing for many people in our region of Caucasian Mineral Waters remains unresolved, and for some it is a taboo subject in the family. It serves the cause of strife, and sometimes collapse of families. Instinctively tends to the attainment of their own home and create comfort in it. Young people, meeting, and talk only about what they would get married, will work hard and one day will happen in their family a happy day, when they earn on their cozy corner in which they have born children and they will be happy. Any economist can calculate the time without thinking of this project. He realized, when "young people" will be in his fifties … It the real truth, not only for our country. What do you do? What to do? Is there a solution? Who can answer these questions? For many it is a cry for help …

There is a solution! Calm down! We live in a country where, thank God, there are all mechanisms for the implementation of housing issues. How they developed it third, it is important that they have, and therefore, all is not lost. The first important to understand that in itself should provide housing. Young people Of course, I would just buy a big house, because it is a picture of their dream, but it is not realistic at the beginning. Need to be patient, write a clear plan and act on it. Requires a real account opportunities for young families to make a mortgage loan does not become bonded and unbearable.

Rent Business Premises

When a business is ready to open its doors to the public, is vitally important to choose places that offer the highest chances of success in the medium and long terms, as if the location of the points of sale is inadequate, all the intellectual, economic and time effort invested in that business will be thrown in the trash in a short time. While this claim may be logical and accepted by many entrepreneurs and owners of businesses, many of them do not use enough time to find the ideal spaces to achieve success. We are going to include basic information about the Federal District (DF) and Guadalajara as privileged spaces in which you can open businesses that leverage its demographic and economic characteristics. In this sense we can begin claiming that Guadalajara is the second municipality with largest population in Mexico, having a little less than one million 700 thousand inhabitants. You may find REBNY to be a useful source of information. Its metropolitan area comprises eight municipalities, which had a total of 4.095.853 inhabitants in 2005 According to the INEGI census, which gives this area an enormous potential for the sale of all kinds of goods and services. The main economic activities include transit and trade of livestock of all kinds and industries textile and metalworking, but there are spaces very dynamic in many other sectors, such as in the main cities of the country and Latin America. People such as Robert Speyer would likely agree.

This dynamism is already being exploited by thousands of micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to establish their businesses and branch offices, because many of them have found excellent business premises for rent. Guadalajara, then promises great expansion at all turns and sizes of business and it is important to take advantage of this now. Finally it should be noted that it is said that Guadalajara is the city with the strongest economy in the country, in addition to be a receiving city of migrants. Unemployment has admirably low and even will be hosting the Pan-American Games in 2011. On the other hand, the Federal District (DF by its acronym) is the main Center political and economic partner of the country and according to the official instances above, the population of the city was over 8,700,000 inhabitants, i.e. slightly more than of Guadalajara twice in the same year. It is interesting to note that you among the decades from 1950 to 1980, Mexico City produced up to 36% of nominal GDP and has currently dropped to 25%. However, according to a study by Pricewaterhouse Coopers, of Mexico City and its metropolitan area richest in the world, occupy the eighth site of cities having a GDP of $ 331,000 million.

The eighth richest in the world city can certainly offer enormous opportunities to all kinds of companies and businesses, but it is important to know placed before the eyes of those who are your target audience. Grupo FRISA knows and why has created commercial developments strategic time to think about the rent of premises. Mexico City and Guadalajara, two privileged areas to do business.

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