Pannon Cargo MGSS

The vast majority of currently operates on the Danube fleet built 60-80s are not appropriate for several reasons significantly increased current requirements for safety of navigation and transportation. Virtually stopped the construction of new ships in all the Danube countries due to lack of ship-owners can afford it. Western European countries (Germany, Holland, Belgium), relatively stable politically and economically, through a variety of special exemptions, credits, state investments are sufficiently intense to build a new fleet of shipbuilding and shipyards, with the equipment, power plants equipped with it in its factories. This two-pronged approach considerably reduces the cost of ships and postroechnuyu further significantly reduces the costs associated with their use. Today, with the greatly increased cost of maintaining the vehicle fleet, there was a decrease in freight rates and volumes of traffic, so the return on newly built ships to operate on the Danube their costs is inadequate, since very long time, and further complicated by the instability of the situation surrounding the events in Yugoslavia. In this regard, the concept deserves attention of the general renovation of vessels, undertaken by transport concern "Mayer-group" (Germany, Regensburg), which now includes former Court of shipping Bavarian Lloyd (Germany), DDSG (Austria) and private joint ventures Pannon Cargo MGSS, Pan Car Schiffe (Hungary), Slov Cargo (Slovakia). The idea of such a recovery vessel has long been known, and is currently operated on the Danube cargo ships from the Rhine, past the modernization of more than a dozen years ago. Its essence is that the housing of the old ship, barge docks section or the stern of another vessel with the superstructure and engine room somewhat smaller in width, increased capacity of power plant, more comfortable living conditions.