Paradoxically Goods

In this case, everyone understood that a “good” this approach does not lead, but go against the traffic was not so nice, and very profitable. But here “balloon”, inflated with our own speculation, he began to deflate. Diligently fanned by a “financial bubble” suddenly began to decrease at eyes Paradoxically, we are now trying to pump air into it, in the form of state support, and continue to “deceive” in the form of speculation in the foreign exchange market. It is noteworthy that in this process is to draw all by calling it not only as short-term investments. See the difference? What is the conclusion? Only one way out. To do a true investment. Invest in production (services, goods) and economic development. You say: “This is a” long money, lower liquidity, profitability is unusual to us.

” Yes, but it is what contributes to the development of civilization and society in general. We have long forgotten the formula, first discovered by Karl Marx, “Money-Commodity-Money Bar” (where “Prime” – is to increase the initial money), according to which investing in the production of goods, then, realizing it, we get the money invested at a profit. In recent years, many prefer a more convenient formula “Money” – “Money Bar 1” – “Money Bar 2, where, without producing anything, and engaging in speculation, we pumped money from one market to another, thereby inflating the financial bubble. National wealth is not determined amount of available gold, and the number of goods manufactured within the country..