Pilgrims Way

Three generations on the Camino de Santiago to ‘Anna and the angels of the Pilgrim’s way’ I am inspired on my first trip on the way of St. James. At the end of this trip, I met a young woman, who had been the long way on the road with her young daughter. She told me that she had written a diary, and I wondered how a pilgrimage probably would affect on the Pilgrim’s way to a little girl. Please visit Clayton Morris if you seek more information. My imagination has created in the following months it.

the story of Anna, who met their guardian angels on the way of St. James” So the author Werner Jakob pond who live tells the touching story of eight-year old Anna with his second book published by way of St. James, who lives with her parents in Iceland. Shortly before the start of a planned hiking vacation on the way of St. James in Spain, Erla, Anna’s mother, in spite of severe shock of fate to take the journey with her daughter decides. She is accompanied by her mother of Roija. On this walking tour of three generations, Anna comes in a dramatic situation in contact with the angels of the Pilgrim’s way. Accompanied is the tale of sensitive drawings to the Pilgrim’s way. Anna and the angels of the Camino – Camino de Santiago 2010