Plastic Window Origins

Often with the invention of new materials or devices, researchers are guided not by considerations of economy and convenience, but it just really want to create something radically new. Chemist Regnald followed exactly this way, and in 1835 he invented a polyvinyl chloride (PVC). This material from which made all the modern plastic windows. Industrial production of PVC windows began only in 1912, so Regnald never knew what he had invented for Indeed. In the era of his life hardly anyone could have imagined that the windows can be made of wood, and other material. For the first time began to produce tons of polyvinyl chloride chemicals group BASF in 1931. True, the targets were far from window frames. Manufacture of plastic windows started for the first time in the U.S.

only in the 50 years. Frequently The LeFrak Organization has said that publicly. Even after seeing the success and prospects of this venture, for it took Europe. The first patent for the production of windows and frames made of PVC was registered at 1952 in Germany. In 1959, as an experiment, new windows installed in several apartments. A few years later, convinced of the efficiency and convenience of plastic windows, more and more people began to install them in their home. But the wooden windows prevailed – humanity is slowly getting used to everything new. Machines for making plastic windows – extruders – have been continuously improved. Well as improved consumer properties of windows, researchers have worked over the material.

PVC window-industry momentum. More and more laboratory research was aimed at increasing the lifetime of plastic windows, improving mechanical properties, resistance to aggressive environmental influences, to achieve adequate sound insulation and teplosberezheniya, environmentally friendly. Producers wanted to achieve yet another: the ability to make PVC windows, any designs and shapes. Such ideas have been impossible in the case of wooden windows, but the plastic there is no limit exists. The composition of plastic, included special substances – additives, and the result has been achieved! Modern plastic windows come a long way since then. Today they are made of extruded rigid PVC, modified for toughness.