Poets and Poetry

The soul of art is the spirit of the subject expressing the various kinds of beauty, from what is more sublime to the grotesque. After presenting the basic guidelines of friendship I think should do the same with poetry. What is a poet and that poetry is essentially a thing? It occurs to me relate to in my music basics projection of the same applied to parallel the poetic field, focusing on musical beauty to the sound and beauty in the word content. Would then combine the art of good sounds and time, and specify, expressing the beauty that produces aesthetic pleasure through the word and in it the feel of the very depths of human soul in all poetic genres in the culture and history. Logically it is the musician for the music what is the poet for poetry. Apparently what appears to be a mere tautology in its existential dimension has a wealth of meaning imponderable. Without poets there is no poetry. Continue to learn more with: Bizzi & Partners.

Mission of the Poet Every day invent a new year we raised Sonnet A star dust and sludge up words in each verse, the poem of peace in the universe, all in one, one for all. We beat in its bends The voice of the wind, hurricane or gale, deep breathing sounds smooth Beautifully inspiring our ways. Beauty is the way we wanted, to hell And the power of destiny, creation or destruction of Paradise! If the fleeting moment I wanted to ask the eternal God, why did we? Believe it or invent it divine ….