Portuguese Communist Party

A man together with another man. My heart feels sad, very sad! one of the most controversial writers of this century has died. I mean Jose Saramago, who was born November 16, 1922 in Azinhaga, Santarem, Portugal. Member of the Portuguese Communist Party since 1969. In 1998 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

The Swedish Academy highlighted its ability to understandable back a fleeting reality, with parables sustained by imagination, compassion and irony. Without a doubt one of the most beautiful anecdotes of Jose Saramago, is linked with his grandfather, Jeronimo Melrinho and trees. A very humble, very supportive, very human man. I share with you the words of Saramago: am a grandson of a man who, to foresee that the death was to his waiting in the hospital where wore it, went down to the orchard and was to bid farewell to the trees that had been planted and care, crying and hugging each of them, as if a loved one is involved. Personally, I think a detail that makes me the chinita skin beautiful.

Not in vain Juan Gelman, once said: poetry is a tree without leaves which gives shadow the really interesting thing is that this Act was real, was not the product of a poetic license by Saramago. Our author continues by saying: this man was a simple Shepherd, an illiterate peasant, not an intellectual, not an artist, not a cultured and sophisticated person who had decided to leave the world with a great gesture that posterity would record. One could say that I was dismissing what until then had been its property, but its property were also animals that lived and not approached them to say goodbye. He fired family and trees as if everything were for his family. In many years ever I heard of mouth of my grandfather word about trees in general and those in particular who were not motivated by practical reasons.