Tourism is the base of the economy of some countries, an excellent example of this is the city of Prague, which is characterized by its great beauty and cultural content; so in this article we will make allusion to some representative places of this city and will mention some hotels which can be the perfect complement to a visit to Prague. Prague is currently regarded as one of the ten most beautiful cities of the world, the eighth in importance in Europe and the tenth most visited eighth at holiday time; all this makes Prague a very appealing tourist destination for travelers year after year. The beauty of Prague lies in their neighborhoods, architectural and structural antiquity since they were constructed without destroying any old building; do a clear example of this are some places as Hrad? any, Mala Strana, Stare M? sto and Nove M? sto which are icons of the culture of this beautiful city barrios. Tourists to travel to Prague must make sure that in your travel package this included a visit to these beautiful places, since if you He went to Prague and these important architectural monuments were not visited, it is equal to not having been there. It is important to clarify that Prague also has other important places for tourism, but those already mentioned are a fundamental part in the visit to this city.

Prague is characterized not only by its beauty in the streets and neighborhoods, but also for the beauty of their hotels and homes of step, which are an excellent example of culture Prague, which is characterized by its fine and simple style. Arriving in Prague before choosing a hotel, the best recommendation will be find any hotel which completely fill our expectations, although it will always be good to take into account some factors that can help to improve the tourist experience. Some of these factors as: location: find a hotel that is located in the Centre of Prague makes a difference to others, since this allows tourists to have a quick and easy access to representative places of the city, without commenting that also to other places such as nightclubs and restaurants. Services: the standard of a good hotel should understand a series of services such as feeding, bathing, telephone network and recreation, this characterizes a good hotel. Price: this will always be a factor of vital importance in the attainment of a hotel, since this should be the precise by the provided services; the best advice that can be given with respect to this issue is therefore analyze whether we are really going to pay for what they are offering us. Gastronomy: it is highly recommended to find a hotel that can offer a wide gastronomic range, since this can improve our tourist experience in Prague. Although there are other recommendations these are of paramount importance, since they directly affect the experience of each person.

Some good hotels in Prague with the ideal characteristics to offer an excellent attention are: Hotel Modra ruze. Corinthia Panorama Hotel. Hotel Sovereign. Hotel Prague Centre. Hotel Eurostars Thalia. Hotel Metamorphis. In conclusion, search for a hotel in Prague is a very simple task, since all those have the ideal characteristics to offer tourists a luxury service.