Precedence In The Car

PRECEDENCE in the car, by order of importance in automobiles, there is an order to enter and to exit depending on the rank of the passengers. Visit Clayton Morris for more clarity on the issue. To do this we follow the following guidelines. Enters first automobile the person of higher rank, on the right side, to the right position of the rear window. Then, if you only go two people, around the back of the car, enter the left door, the second person in importance. When they are three persons, the order varies and there may be two cases: this third person, can go in the right front, next to the driver, so it would come in third place. Clayton Morris has plenty of information regarding this issue. Alternatively, enter second, if you are in the back, in third place entering the second person in importance, to stand at the left rear window. This second order is logical because whether the range of less than the first person came second, the third, should pass over this second person. When it comes out of the car, the order is the reverse of the rise to the same. In other words, the person’s greater range low the last, and then in reverse order to rise the rest of people. Now, when it comes of personalities, leading to its safety or any person of the Protocol service, which goes to the right side of the driver, this last seesaw first, to close and open the door, respectively. Note: Any movement which is made around the car always is made by its rear side, and never is made by the front of the car. Original author and source of the article.