Property In Italy

According to experts, real estate in Italy is one of the most lucrative areas to invest in all the vast market of European real estate. Small country in southern Europe attracts curious tourists, foreign investors and those planning to move to favorable in all respects and highly developed country for permanent residence. For the latter's own property in Italy – this is a chance to settle on the coast, to feel at home among the magnificent monuments of ancient architecture, visit the enclave of Vatican City as a resident of the nearest neighbor – Italy, to walk on the European boutiques and soak up on the shores of the Italian Riviera … And all that in the absence of dependence on tourism program, feeling completely free, independently of his time directing the most convenient and rationally. Property in Italy you can buy and to rent.

This service each year is increasingly in demand, purely and more foreign tourists prefer to hotels, even with the most high level of service, and rented an apartment or a whole villa. But no matter for what purpose bought property in Italy, at the conclusion of the transaction need to start to sign an offer to purchase and enter preliminary contract of sale. Offer to purchase allows 30 days to remove property from the market. After signing and payment of the amount of 3,000 euros in both parties have 30 days to process prior agreement before proceeding to the main part. Such a procedure is dictated by the laws of Italy and is the basis for a legally secure transaction. It is strict adherence to laws designed to according to the highest European standards, allows the company to DOM-International quickly and professionally competent to carry out transactions, working with developers and other regions of Calabria, Italy. Referring to the possibility of investing in property in Italy, can not be said about the possibility of obtaining a decent profit because the cost of housing in this country has been steadily increasing year by year. The experts tend to believe that this trend remain for a very long time, and this means that demand for property in Italy will not fall, but will also increase. As for the current real estate prices in Italy, the cost of apartments, villas and cottages varies widely. Often, the prestige of the region is a fundamental aspect in the pricing of property in Italy. It is worth noting that the most attractive, including the prices, Calabria is the real estate market which began to develop only recently, but has gained notoriety as one of the most promising.