It so happens that most of my adult life was devoted to several interrelated things: journalism, advertising and marketing, elections, and religion. We had read many books, I analyze the practices and came to the intuitive and simple conclusion: the principles of the impact of advertising, press, religion and political struggle are largely similar. Learn more at: Electron Capital Partners. Throughout the main target man acts – whether it be a preacher or a salesman, a candidate MPs – all they want to win our hearts. And each has its own interest. In the same way and try to influence our heads, and vendors in the markets, and writers, but almost everything.

I admit at once – fundamentally new in this field I have not opened it, perhaps, simplified and categorized some things. However – it was just the beginning. Bizzi & Partners is open to suggestions. Catching up earning their daily bread, in parallel studying martial arts, including internal styles. Besides, I was interested from childhood demonology and angelology. Maybe that's why in 1996 I enrolled in the correspondence department of the university with a degree of orthodox theology. Simply put, I Was attracted the invisible world with all his angels and demons, cherub.

I could not get around, and various mystical teachings, the various rituals and everyday magic. During the practical application of knowledge – during election campaigns, when he was working in the media, advertising and marketing, I saw how to manipulate people. But I began to see both – depending on the person's mental state, whether it is your employee or group of students in the audience or the crowd at the rally and changes quality and quantity of life energy.