Raising Walls

They built a wall around the country for protection from enemies. Many were those who died carrying out the huge amount of work. Currently, its original purpose is useless, because there are Chinese on both sides of the great wall. As well, looking back in time, the blessed work not served for protection, but for evil. Ancient China wanted to find the political, cultural and social stability, seeking protection from the constant invasions of the neighbouring village. A society that promised to be prosperous, urgently needed that kind of stability. There came the brilliant idea of the wall.

The work would protect the people and the culture that had shaken the nation and managed to establish pollution of the barbarians several times had already disrupted. There would be a strict control of who came and went, and addition, you could filter anything that was considered undesirable. Great, isn’t it? The truth is that the great wall not protected in China, since it was invaded three times different, through the same, thanks to which the guadianes were bribed by the invaders. In addition, the work guaranteed a political, economic, technological and cultural backwardness of about thousand years. In the early 20th century, returned to raise a new wall, on this occasion the political partner wall of communism. Another great idea that you would be worth another millennial backwardness. But not only the Nations rise up that kind of physical or ideological walls, but it got people, consciously or unconsciously, also up walls of protection to our around.

Frequently, people who have been hurt by relationships that ended disastrously, raise walls to ensure no return to be hurt. Raise ideological impregnable walls and defend them tooth and nail. We issues us behind our ideas and religious concepts, only to discover that we have been isolated from the rest of the world. We are not made to live isolated from the rest of the people, but to influence and be influenced, to grow not only as individuals, but as a race. That Exchange of impressions, agreements and disagreements, conflicts and solutions, loves and heartbreaks, tastes and dislikes, is, precisely, which promotes the true growth, albeit an extremely painful process. You choose live openly, still vulnerable, or die after the safety of your own wall?