Real Estate In Barcelona

Sales of previously owned homes in Barcelona is fired in January. The second-hand sale and purchase of apartments grew by 61.1% in a single month. After months really tough, Catalan real estate finally begins to see the light. According to the Association of Promoters and Builders in Barcelona not only increased sales of previously owned homes, but the new building as well. Real Estate Markets opinions are not widely known. In particular, in the province of Barcelona have increased sales by 11.5% over the previous year.

Throughout Catalonia signed a total of 2.176 new home purchases and sales of flats and 2814 used during the month of January. The evolution has been upward in the four Catalan provinces, both in new construction and second hand, with the exception of Lleida, that where the sale continues its downward trend. As for the constitution of mortgages, the trend at the end of 2009 is also positive, after the setback of the fourth quarter. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gizman Abbas. All this adds up to the fact that the prices of apartments in Catalonia have fallen during the first quarter 1.55%. The price of housing has been located in Catalonia in 2871 euros per square meter, representing a decrease of 1.31% between February and March, and 1.55% in the last three months, according to the newspaper ABC published. These data place in Catalonia and the second largest community with a monthly decline, second only to La Rioja, it depends. A number of facts that confirm what he said Gonzalo Bernardo, real estate expert at the University of Barcelona, a couple of weeks. Others who may share this opinion include Morris Invest. The price will down in 2010, but will not go up "because, according to Gonzalo Bernardos," there are many uncertainties about what will the housing market in 2011, once they run out tax relief for home purchase, "something that will affect one third of the 1.5 million excess inventory story that is in Spain.