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It is obvious that times have changed: previously worked as a realtor for the sellers and buyers now. Whether such changes might have an adverse impact on the market of intermediary services? Can. Perhaps check out Realtor for more information. This will inevitably happen, if market participants did not adapt in time to present conditions, do not reconsider their attitude, do not abrade the quality of its services and begin to seek what they lack (eg, knowledge). How did understand what you need customers? Can I be first? How do I find today is that customers will be looking for tomorrow? All that matters relating to the: "how to be successful real estate agent today and become a better tomorrow?". Realtor-speculator – "a guest from the past? As Practice shows that the success of the realtor is not just information, which he owns, personal connections and the number of realized transactions, primarily in its ability to correctly assess and predict the market. Now customers are more likely to turn to the realtors, to understand what to do: to sell or buy? With a growing market, this capacity was not needed. Yes, and that there had been forecast? Growth was evident.

Then buy up all: and liquid housing "for expensive, illiquid and -" for cheap. " The real estate market, as well as allied markets (banking, oil, stock and others), turned into a speculative arena for the lazy investor. The latter, having bought an apartment for $ 100,000 and sold it after 6 months for $ 120,000, had a good profit at $ 20000.