Days ago, right after an activity of relaxation and visualization that realised with a group of educational colleagues, one of them approached to me with certain sadness and it commented to me of its impossibility to secure the things that had seted out in the life although she was a good person, very believing and good human being. I could not give an answer then him but I put myself to think that not long ago time I was in the same situation and that wished no matter how hard it, the things did not occur as I wanted. The great incognito is: If before she were the same person that I am now, Because nowadays the things arrive from a so natural way and everything what it had dreamed flows towards my without greater difficulty? I believe that I have also found it the answer of a natural way. Everything what you always wish in the life will flow towards you, but in many cases does not arrive because it finds the doors closed. It is as if before the door of your house he was a messenger with a check of thousand dollars for you but your you do not abres to him so that you have closed the door with insurance and no you find the keys since your house is in disorder. The messenger cannot wait for more and he goes away. In order to be able to find the keys you need to organize your house, to give harmony him so that the things work correctly.

Everything what you have wanted is before your door, the unique thing that you must do is abrir him, but abrir you must end to him your internal conflicts and llenarte of much peace and harmony, otherwise, you plan no matter how hard it and you propose it to you, the things will not leave as you wish your it. Today I have realized that the reason for which my dreams little by little is become reality is because I have found my true harmony, the one that takes to feel a deep inner peace.