Scientology Is A Precise And Effective Way For A Better Life

Intelligence can be increased and others improve the behavior and can help people in the study of life, better to map the life mission of Scientology is not the conquest; It is civilization. It is a rise against stupidity stupidity, which brings the humanity on the ‘final war’. Add to your understanding with The Related Companies. Scientology is to improve what we have. The psychology that was started and expanded by many later founder, St. Thomas Aquinas is has been seriously damaged by a certain Professor Wundt, a Marxist, at the University of Leipzig in Germany. This man said that man was an animal without soul and his body of work based on the principle that there is no psyche (soul).

The psychology, the study of the soul”, was in the strange position, a study of the soul, which denied the soul” to be. In the following decades was the Wundtsche psychology”taught widely around the world. She taught that people Animals are. She taught that the man could not be improved. She taught that intelligence would never change. And this area of expertise, Wundtsche psychology, was mainly governed by, because managers at the universities were indifferent and lacked knowledge. Scientology is actually a new but very basic method in the most accurate meaning of”a study of the soul.

Intelligence can be increased and others improve the behavior and help people in the study of life and it does so also. In contrast to the Wundtschen pseudo psychology, she has no political ambitions. “Scientology teaches no dialectical materialism (the Marxist theory that everything is matter, including the mind and the soul) titled psychology”. As is tradition for thousands of years, include the study of the mind and all matters affecting the mind, legitimately in the area of religion. Scientology can, regardless of whether they of the Trained or used by the unskilled, improve health, intelligence, ability, behavior, skill and appearance of people. The Scientology religion is precise and exact, designed for an age of exact sciences. Scientology is used by businessmen and Government officials, to solve problems and to create better organisations and companies. Applied also by the average person, to better arrange the life. Scientology works. Millions of people around the world practice its principles in their daily lives only for this reason, and only for this reason, more and more people consider Scientology as important not only for her own person, but also for their families, their organizations, their cities, their Nations and ultimately the entire civilization. Actually many Scientologists are of the opinion that only the participation in Scientology allowed a greater social awareness them a consciousness, the regularly in meaningful Manifested contributions for charitable purposes or to improve social ills. The social commitment of members of the Scientology Church is also due to the fact that the teaching of Scientology provides working solutions discovered by L. Ron Hubbard – for the most important social problems, which include drug abuse, crime, illiteracy and impairment. More information: press-service of the Scientology Church Bayern e.V. public relations: UTA Ebrusheee the Edward Street 12, 80802 Munich TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX. 089-38607-109 WEB: