Secondary Real Estate Market

When it comes to selling or sharing an apartment, people usually think: "What do we need somewhere to turn? After all, it costs money, "and decide to treat themselves. On the news every day we hear about cases of fraud real estate, the families are left literally in the street and they have nowhere to go, the elderly who trusted the wrong people, or just believe someone's word. So why are we so far so careless that we solve cope with all the difficulties and legal niceties on their own, without a legal education and experience in this field. Yes, of course, if you sell an apartment close relatives or friends with whom you with children, then help real estate may not be necessary. But what about other situations? Are you confident that a deal on the design and you have enough time, effort and knowledge? Well, you can walk through the indirect certain types of transactions carried out most often, and test their knowledge.

We begin with operations in the secondary market. If you are going to carry out the operation of buying – selling yourself, try to answer the following list issues. What rights does the owner of housing? What steps need to collect documents for the transaction? Who the point at which these documents provide? What rights do tenants have prescribed in the apartment? At some point you have to make transfer or receipt of money, and how to organize it? How to check the authenticity of documents submitted? What is the legal purity apartment? It is important to remember that aspect of the transfer of ownership takes place not at the moment contract, and after making changes to the registry and state registration, and occurs in about one month after filing an application with the relevant authorities. The registration of property rights and may refuse to many reasons, and there is not necessary malice seller. If such a misunderstanding has occurred prior to the transfer of money, it's easy to fix.

But what to do after? The seller can go to another city or even country, and then without Treatment of a lawyer is necessary. And this is guaranteed by years of litigation. Lease or hire. This type of transaction is self clapping hand to hand. But it is equally dangerous for both the lessor and the lessee. Nobody guarantee that one will not give shelter to terrorists, and the second is not addicted neighbor or do not ask to collect things? And the agreement will help to understand many issues. For example, who will do the repair plumbing in the case of breakdowns? Or pay for major repairs at home? Agreement on sharing. Here it is necessary to represent himself, it is only a contract of intent, and it means that someone once probably build something for your money. Agree, not too convincing explanation. Rather, in this case, the aid agency is a must. There are a number of nuances that are known only to specialists. For now, this type of transaction governs the law "On the equity participation in construction", accepted April 1, 2005, but under it is not for all companies and interest holders. Do not throw away your money, contact the lawyers. No matter what you do not live in the city, it is always possible to find quality and reputable agency. And it's not important real estate in Moscow or in Makhachkala. The laws are the same for the entire country.