Semiotics House

Analysis of the subjects and figures of the chronicle the House of Rubem Braga SUMMARY: This work has the objective to study the tematizao and the figurativizao in the chronicle the House, of Rubem Braga, under the picture theoretician-metodolgico of the Semiotics of French line. For in such a way, &#039 will be focado the discursivo level of the call; ' gerativo passage of sentido' ' , of which the subjects and figures emerge. First the text of the chronicle in the complete one will be presented, of form best to base the analysis that will come after that. The house Another day I was turning pages an architecture magazine. As these modern houses are pretty; the risk is bold to the times pretty, the rooms is clear, seems gardens with ceiling, the architect makes sculpture in ferroconcrete and people live inside of the sculpture and the landscape.

A friend mine wanted to remodel its apartment and called a new architect. The youngster said: ' ' we go to also take off this wall and that one; you will be with an ample and full room of light. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert J. Shiller offers on the topic.. This door we can pull out; so that it carries here? This another wall we go to substitute for glass; the house will be clearer and more alegre.' ' my friend had a happy air. I was drinking to one sing, and was in silence. I thought about casinhas that it capsizes in the magazine and the reform that my friend went to make in its old apartment. I arrived at the conclusion of that I am old same. Because the house that I do not have, want I it surrounded of high walls, and want the well thick walls and want many walls, and inside of the house many doors with latches and crossbars; one well dark room to hide my secrets and other to hide my solitude.