SHB Real Estate Fund

“Variable are a fundamental principle of the SHB real estate fund this fund size and the ability to purchase real estate, offers significantly more return opportunities, since with rigid” investments can often be unresponsive to changes in the market. The SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG) shows one of the secrets of their success: it is the Fund’s capacity to be able to buy real estate through accumulated savings contributions. That can be seen on quite as unique selling proposition of the real estate fund of SHB innovative fund concepts AG”, says Hans Gruber of the SHB AG. The principle is very easy. Unlike most holdings, which already set at prospectus issue, in which real estate investment only initial investments are funds of SHB AG from the outset. For the subsequent investment, a renewed planning takes place followed by only one. Concrete objects are comprehensively examined by the experts of SHB innovative fund concepts AG and evaluated.

Only then will depending on the possible market situation and the actual volume of fund investment. Hans Gruber explains that gives us”a tremendous market advantage, by SHB innovative fund concepts AG (SHB AG). Because the Fund volume could be variable adjusted and reacts according to the development of the initial investment. Another important point: The follow-on investments are accompanied by an independent Advisory Board, so by investors or brokers who have invested in the respective fund. Offers optimal flexibility, as they of course for the decisions of the Fund management otherwise only have the managers of open-end real estate funds.

“That gives us a clear advantage over our competitors which ultimately our investors the most benefit from”, explains Gruber. The advantages of this flexibility are clearly obvious to him: we have a temporal advantage of half a year or more compared to a traditional fund structure. At this time we can sufficiently examine all factors and conditions may have changed taking.” So have the real estate professionals of the SHB the ability quickly to be able to react to the market a unique opportunity presents itself or a temporary window opens. Fund concepts such as the BusinessPark Stuttgart, the Carre Gottingen or the SHB funds Zakri Court Munich-Unterhaching KG have been already implemented successfully in this way.