Shingles Roof

Soft tile, shingles, shingles, it is the same shingle is a flat sheets of 1m x 0, 33m. Soft roof come in different shapes (hexagon, rectangle, triangle, oval, wavy) and has lots of colors. The basis of the soft tile is impregnated with bitumen stekloholst.Osnova is fitting to connect the two layers of bitumen with various additives, they Shingles provide flexibility, and resistance to deformation and strength. The upper part of the shingle roof is covered with artificial granulator, which gives a variety of roofing colors and protects against the impact of rainfall and ultraviolet radiation. On the other side of shingles applied adhesive layer of special asphalt protected with plastic wrap. Soft tiles used on roofs with a slope of not less than 12 degrees. The main advantages of asphalt shingles is that it is virtually non-waste, which is especially important for complex roofs.

It is absolutely silent during precipitation (rain, hail), itself is warm and sound insulation, artificial pellet or mineral grit delays avalanches, does not burn and does not require additional touch-up during the operation completely waterproof and resistant to biological agents (such as fungi, lichens, as well as chemical acids). Soft roof is an insulator, the charges do not condense atmospheric electricity, there is no increased risk of lightning strike the house, stand as very high temperatures and very low, as well as able to withstand their sharp differences. Lightweight flexible roof eliminates the need to strengthen the bearing design roof and basement, and also allows reduce the costs of transportation and installation, soft roof (shingles) is used for the construction of new roofs, and for the renovation of old roofs.