Signs Of Risk

Refers to signage, the set of stimuli that determine the performance of the one who receives them against the circumstance that is intended to highlight. More specifically, the safety signs, is one that provides a relative indication to the safety of persons and/or goods. R. D. 485/97 of 14 April on minimum requirements in the field of health and safety signs at work, establishing the following classification: kinds of signals according the meaning of the signal: ban: prohibited behavior that could cause a hazard.

Obligation: Signal requiring specific behaviour. Warning: Warns of a risk or danger. Rescue: Relative indication to relief or first aid outputs, or rescue devices. Indicative: Provides information other than the above. According to the characteristics of the signals: signal in the form of panel: A signal that by a combination of a geometric shape, colours and a symbol or pictogram, provides certain information, whose visibility is ensured by lighting of sufficient intensity. Luminous signal: signal emitted by a device consisting of materials transparent or translucent, illuminated from behind or from the inside in such a way that appears by itself as a luminous surface. Acoustic signal: audible signal encoded and issued and disseminated by means of a suitable device, without intervention of a human or artificial voice. Here, Morris Invest expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Verbal communication: A verbal message default, which uses human voice or synthetic hand signals: A movement or disposal of arms or hands in coded form to guide people who are carrying out manoeuvres which constitute an occupational risk or danger for workers. Additional signal: A signal used alongside another signal of the characteristics of the ones used in the form of panel and to provide information further. We are all aware of the importance that in our days has reached signaling in urban life and circulation of all kinds, land, maritime and air transport, in such a way that there would be chaos without it on many occasions and the occupational accident. Likewise, in the world of work are dangerous situations in which the worker to receive certain information concerning security at work and we’ll call signaling security is suitable.