Small Apartment

Holiday rentals in the neighborhood can be the solution Silke M. lived for several years in Berlin Friedrichshain. In Berlin she studied at Humboldt University and met boyfriend Benno O. you live together for 3 years and got before short junior. Both live in the Centre of Berlin Friedrichshain, quite close to the Boxhagener Platz. This year for the first time, they wanted Christmas as a new”celebrate family.

Because the baby is still very small and the parents of the couple from different cities (Dusseldorf and Dresden), they wanted to celebrate in Berlin. That was better for the baby and neutral for the grandparents who had still no other grandchildren. The problem for Silke and Benno, however, was that their current apartment offered enough room for all. Therefore they were looking for an affordable accommodation in their vicinity. Directly to the Boxhagener Platz, at the corner of gardeners road and the Green Berger, they were looking for. There are four apartments at Boxhagener Platz. She had the “Apartments on a Web page with the search words apartments Berlin Friedrichshain” found. Because the information extensively and the pictures were interesting, Silke sent off your request using the contact form and received just a few minutes later the answer.

So she could two smaller, low-cost apartments for each pair of grandparents book, in only 5 minutes distance from one’s home. The grandparents not had so enough sat individual freedom and man on the chapel”. At the same time, Silke had found a solution for future visits, because she receives a small discount for more bookings. And she know that she can rent an apartment for your friends and visitors quickly and flexibly, in a pleasantly friendly and uncomplicated way.