SMEs Plumbing

In SEB Centre, we have plumbers Barcelona specialized in plumbing Barcelona, if you require a plumber Barcelona service, our staff specialized in different tasks that includes the plumbing such as:-repair, renovation and installation of pipes, drains, water supply networks, cleaning gutters, drain and Serwer clearance in pipes, bathroom facilities, waterproofing of roof waterproofing of facades, and other services more water-related. -Installation and repair different types of heaters, electric water heaters and boilers, installation and repair of radiators and heating systems, and other electricity-related services. -Also we repairs their gas networks, detect leaks, and other gas-related services. Our Barcelona plumbing services therefore include water, electricity and gas. We have with an excellent staff of Plumbers Barcelona, using the tool and machinery suitable for each work to be performed, and using the best quality materials. If you require a plumber Barcelona on an urgent basis service feel free to contact us, we have mobile units which will arrive at your address in just 20 minutes. Our plumbers Barcelona service comprises the city of Barcelona and its surroundings within a radius of 30Kms.

we work of installation and repair in any type of properties are public or private as: housing, buildings, companies, public administrations and communities of neighbors, farms, insurance companies, SMEs and Government agencies. At SEB will always find a plumbing work or a plumber available Barcelona, to assist you in the installation and repair tasks. In S.E.B Centre, we have experience for more than 25 years dedicated to the repairs and installations in the area of the Barcelona lampisteria covering the plumbing, electricity and Gas sectors.