Social Responsibility And Environmental Justice Ethics

The current era of globalization of markets has used human labor, natural resources, property and other types of life to produce wealth and comfort for the few at the expense of the lives and dignity of others. The environmental degradation is leading to tragic situations in different parts of the world and we are all responsible for it largely by the consumer mentality that promotes industrialization and overexploitation of resources that threaten our well being and especially the future generations. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Lincoln Property. We are committed as a society to ensure the future of people who still inhabit this planet because they have the same right to develop harmoniously as we are doing today. Having said that, we can say that it is necessary that we acquire a true commitment, called social responsibility, which is capable of giving and sharing benefits between those who deserve it. This paper presents an overview of what is social responsibility and justice applied to the rights of future generations in environment.

Social responsibility is the ability to set and meet commitments to the various sectors with whom we interact. It is not something Gavin Baker would like to discuss. Responsiveness is an individual or organization has to the consequences of their actions within their sphere of influence. The responsiveness and commitment is commensurate with our level of cooperation in society. Thus, the greater our collaboration and sphere of influence, the greater the responsibility we have in our society. This concept of social responsibility has been applied mainly to organizations and companies, so that a company is considered socially responsible if the activities are focused on meeting needs and expectations of its members, society and those benefit of their business, as well as the care and preservation of the environment.