Spanish Murcia

Murcia is located between two mountains: the Sierra de Orihuela and the Cross de Gallo. Due to the complex modern irrigation system, a city famous for its orchards and vegetables. Cuisine of Murcia is famous throughout Spain. Spicy balanced Mediterranean cuisine is known for its steamed fish, salads, baked meat and rice dishes. One should also not forget the proximity of the sea, which spoils culinary delights. And, of course, impossible to imagine the Spanish cuisine without a good wine. Thanks to the fertile lands of Spanish wines all taste better every year, and Murcia is a strong producer in this market.

If You plan to vacation in Murcia, be sure to visit the Cathedral of St. Mary, which is located on an area of Cardinal Beluggi. The building has several entrances, each of which is a work of art. Close to the Cathedral are City Hall and the Bishop's Palace – the residence of Bishop .Na real estate market of Murcia are well represented as apartments in high-rise buildings and townhouses in the quiet urbanization. Cost of apartments in Murcia – from 130 000 , townhouse can be purchased for 170,000 . Torrevieja (TORREVIEJA) Torrevieja (Torrevieja) – a city on the Costa Blanca, 50 km south-west of Alicante (Alicante). The word 'Torrevieja' in Spanish means 'old tower'. The population of the city is about 100 000 people (as of 2008), of which more than 50% – foreign (mainly British, Germans and Scandinavians, many immigrants from the CIS).

In Torrevieja some of the highest rates in Europe the number of sunny days year – 320. The average temperature at night +12 C, in the afternoon – about +25 C. One of the main natural wealth of Torrevieja – the famous pink lagoon Salinas de Torrevieja. That she allowed fishing village in the mid 19 th century to become a Europe's largest center for salt production. To date, the annual production of salt has reached one million tons. The length of the beaches of Torrevieja – about 20 km. All of them are marked with blue flags of the European Union, which is evidence of their environmental chistoty.V Torrevieja is a sports center with swimming pool, designed for sporting events of international importance. Here, a championship basketball gymnastics, etc. There are also two football polya.S largest cities of Spain and many European cities linked Torrevieja bus routes. To the international airport of Alicante only 35 km from here. In Torrevieja you can feel the difference between traditional Valencia / Catalan northern Costa Blanca and the state official Spanish (Castilian). The farther to the south, the more people speak only Spanish, while in Torrevieja and north many know two languages: Spanish and Valencia. If your goal – buying property in Spain on the coast – you are definitely interested in Torrevieja! What? Yes, even the fact that real estate prices Torrevieja lowest throughout the Costa Blanca! If you want to buy property on the Costa Blanca in two steps from the beach, but have limited resources – you in Torrevieja! The cost of the studio here starts from 50 000 , apartments will cost from 60 000 , the townhouse can be purchased for just under Spanish standards, the money – from 70 000 .