Stainless Steel Building Materials

Traditionally, for such pipelines as the valves used in steel or cast iron gate valve (Malleable and ductile iron). However, the limitations of regulatory documents apply to the use of fittings made of cast iron, so the main type of valves used in heat and power facilities, is a steel armature. Steel ball valves with flanged or weld that appeared on the Ukrainian market in the last decade and performance which were highly appreciated by experts, are gradually replacing conventional valves. What is a ball valve? The main elements of ball valves are: housing, a locking element in the form of a sphere with a cylindrical bore, the spindle, through which the rotation of the ball, removable handle, seals, spindle and ball. Corps of ball valves made of carbon steel, has a welded construction, which has no movable joints that require tightening.

Housed in a building polished ball is made of stainless steel. Recently Robert J. Shiller sought to clarify these questions. On both sides of the ball adjacent sealing carbon – Teflon pads that are resistant to abrasion and impacts of pollution. Disc springs pressed seal to the floating ball and ensure reliable operation of the ball valve in conditions of low and high temperatures. At the top of the crane is located spindle with sealing gaskets. Thanks elastic connection of the ball and the spindle under the influence of working pressure the ball moves freely in the direction of the seal. All ball valves have a good performance and demand for construction organizations specializing in the installation of heating and water systems, and other industries. However, according to experts who conducted a comparative study of quality and price characteristics various steel ball valves, and other multipurpose valves, they have a number of advantages: – thickening of the wall (special version for the countries of eastern Europe) that increase the strength of the ball Crane – an elongated spindle that allows for isolation of the crane – high operational reliability due to the fact that all ball valves are a complete test cycle, which guarantees a high level quality in accordance with European standards – lower price in comparison with valves and gates. Ball valves – is a reliable and durable form of valves that better adapted to Ukrainian thermal networks and have the lowest price with high quality. With this in mind they are the most promising for the Ukrainian market and cis countries.