State Real Property

The principle of reciprocity in the Cabinet of Ministers 2 / 13394 from 29.05.1940 explain what is meant by the principle of reciprocity. According to the Decision, the conditions of reciprocity involve not only the existence of a legislative framework, but also a practical mechanism for their application. In the absence of a foreign state mechanism for compliance with the conditions of reciprocity, in practice, the citizens of this State subject to restrictions similar to those in force in respect of the citizens of the Turkish Republic. Thus, the compliance between Turkey and the foreign country of the principle of reciprocity regarding the acquisition real property is indicated by the legislative framework and mechanism for its practical application. In this regard, the procedure for acquiring a national or a foreign trade company of the State Real Property in Turkey depends on the order of its acquisition in this state or a citizen of the trading company of the Republic of Turkey, having legally prescribed rights, as well as the mechanism for their implementation. Growth Strategy Expert might disagree with that approach. In result of the proposed modifications fundamental condition of reciprocity, while maintaining the conditions of the legal framework and mechanism for implementation, was the recognition of a foreign state for citizens and trade companies of the Turkish Republic of rights, equal rights recognized by this state for its citizens or commercial companies with legal entity and set up in accordance with laws of this state. Decisions on applications for acquisition of real property by citizens of States not currently included in the list of countries that adhere to the principle as regards Turkey Reciprocity (87 countries) and the list of countries that do not follow this principle (35 countries), taken after a request to the General Directorate for real estate.