Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceiling film is a thin vinyl film stretched on a plastic frame (fillet), which can be visible or hidden. The film surface tension ceilings can be different: lacquered or opaque, with an imitation suede or marble, any color – about 100 colors ceilings. Stretch ceilings have certain specific properties, which are their advantages, namely: ceilings maintained air temperature from-5C to +50 sec. Gain insight and clarity with Boris Kuzinez. In the case of leakage, suspended ceilings can withstand up to 100 liters of water per 1m2, after removing the suspended ceiling which restores its tension. Remove the water by opening a hole for the lamp. If the built-in fixtures in the ceiling there, the company's experts – the installer straight the angle of stretch ceilings stretch ceiling, let out the water, and then install the suspended ceiling in place. Stretch ceilings are not afraid of strikes and do not crack.

Stretch ceilings are easy to clean when contaminated. In addition, manufactured from heavy-duty vinyl, suspended ceilings to meet the most stringent international environmental requirements and fire safety: suspended ceilings do not burn, not melt, do not emit toxic substances. Stretch ceilings can be installed in the premises of any configuration, at any tilt, or even in different planes, and we can do, and sharp, and smooth transitions from one plane to another. Manufacturers ceilings assure the reliability of welds and construction for 10 years. For the installation of stretch ceiling specialists measure the room and sends the dimensions of production, where it is produced film itself with piping. Directly in the installation process, first on the perimeter of a room attached to the walls of plastic molding. Typically, frame mounted at a distance of 4-5 cm below the main ceiling. Then the film hangs on the corners for a special clip.

With the heat gun heats the room. Begins the process of installing a ceiling, when film is filled in a rope grooves of the framework. After how all of the edges of the film will be tucked into the ceiling, and indoor air cools, the film is a stretch ceiling. And the suspended ceiling is obtained perfectly flat. If the floor area exceeds 50 m2, the film is additionally attached to the installable ribs. Since the width of the film is usually 1, 4m, then the inevitable seams that are welded to the lacquered stretch ceilings, with a very thin line visible seam on the mat ceilings it noticeable at all. Average speed of installation -10-15 m2 per day performed by one person. With tension ceilings can use any lights, though their power imposes restrictions: incandescent lamps up to 60 watts, Halogen -35 Tues Fixtures are attached to the main ceiling of ceilings for them to bore holes, which are pasted on the perimeter of the special rings. All installation work is carried out only lamps specialists in electrical engineering. Stretch ceilings are currently the most convenient, nice and inexpensive way to finish, which has won widespread acceptance among designers and just everyone who wants to finish repairs quickly.