Stuttgarter Strasse

The outside of the prime location shopping locations in the pedestrian zone face a healthy demand for regional users. In these situations the landlords between 7.50 and EUR 25 per m invoke m. Looks quite different it generally in the subcentres. Here, faces a wide range of shops of a low demand and is reflected also in the rental prices by 5 to 10 per sq. Here, there will be no significant increase in rents in the near future. The newer trade market projects relate at present mainly on urban integrated sites or in direct association to the Stadt(Teil)Zentrum, where they take up an important centre-strengthening position and synergistically or high enrich their environment. The former Weber area with approximately 8.8 hectares is becoming an attractive retail landscape, with a building and garden market as well as a kitchen appliance market, a furniture take market as well as other users, inter alia in the automotive industry. The Stuttgarter Strasse between Goppingen and Faurndau increase more and more shopping street: near the intersection of the star, the food chain Kaufland operates a large market (formerly “Schleckern land”).

Slightly further to the West, at the confluence of the Schaufflerstrasse, Aldi currently builds a new branch. And on the height of the crossbar Pentecostal Wasen, diagonally opposite the Aral petrol station, the consumer cooperative Goppingen soon will take their project “Second market” in attack.