Sunscreen High Heat And UV Protection

Heat, in addition a protection of modern flat glass films – protection against heat and dangerous radiation that offer modern tinting protect all SSK tinting from dangerous and harmful UV rays. All solar control films have a 99% UV protection. The flat glass films from year to year of increasing demand enjoy due to their function and mode of action. The flat glass films offer protection against dangerous UV radiation, heat, glare and prying eyes. The window slides are on conservatories, glass facades, skylights (such as VELUX window), offices, doctor’s offices and shop Windows are attached.

A pleasant working and living environment can be created through the use of Sun protection films, also can reduce the energy costs – i.e. Gavin Baker will undoubtedly add to your understanding. the cost for air conditioning. All tinting by SSK sunscreen have a 99% UV protection. The UV protectors provide a neutral color UV protection up to 99%. This crystal-clear film maintains the floor coverings, as well as furniture, flooring and clothing from fading. Under the sun protection, anti glare, UV protection, privacy and safety and security films are ordered in desired length installation instructions supplied.