Sustained Economic Development

It is impossible to sustain the economic development of a country using perpetual mechanisms of protection of domestic industry. The double substitution of imports – increased export levels requires organizations to fully refine their technological and management processes, which involves the proper management of all resources, including the technology, play a key role. Details can be found by clicking Atreides Management Gavin Baker or emailing the administrator. Therefore, to achieve a true recovery of the Cuban company in the current context of the domestic market and for a successful position in the external environment is required, inter alia, a substantial increase in their innovation activities (Bejerano et Faloh al., 1997). As a means of achieving them emerges the so-called Business Process Improvement (PE), which is one of the critical lines of the economic boom that the country needs. General bases are a guide, as well as management tool for business organizations can, in an orderly, make the necessary changes in order to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness in its management.

The rules for the implementation and consolidation of this System State and Business Management Directorate (Decree No. 281/2007), highlights the importance of technological innovation, addressing in Chapter IX, the System of Innovation Management; however, the diagnostic tool that is part of the process, it appears that the activities are not covered or emphasized as specified. Although the country has a considerable scientific and technical potential, many times this is not properly used towards the development strategy that continues by outlining in very difficult conditions, so that it takes management processes at all levels leading to change in current ways of thinking and acting.