Suzuki Grand Vitara

A few years ago in the Russian market a new and a bit unusual at first glance, the machine – Suzuki SX4. Singularity of its apparent not only in the daring design, but also in relation to what should be a compact car. The novelty was provides wheel-drive system that is already a step forward compared with its competitors, because other small four-wheel drive car – Nissan Qashqai – came much later. Other leaders such as John Savignan offer similar insights. Of course, there was also a Suzuki Jimny, but he belongs to a group crossovers, not SUVs. By the way, and the Jimny, SX4 and collected on the same plant in Hungary, which emphasizes their orientation to the European market. Externally Suzuki SX4 looks like an ergonomic and fairly nice car with a high profile roof. In Russia, this model comes in two versions – Urban Line and Outdoor Line. One Suzuki set to ride on the comfortable urban roads and highways.

Other – suitable for active recreation. It is easy to cope with country roads and will travel to where ever it gets its civilian counterpart. A characteristic feature of both cars is the high seating. SX4 on this indicator can be compared even with the new Suzuki Grand Vitara, which positioned as a fully fledged SUV. Inside the SX4 interior reminiscent of another Japanese company car – Suzuki Swift. Catches the eye and original color combinations and features of the dashboard, and the general architecture of the cabin. True, there is also a significant difference. The Japanese came in the wake of fashion and drew up the center panel of the Suzuki SX4 style of brutal off-road vehicles – namely, built a kind of monumental track with the presence of metallic inserts.

A few words about the seats. Driver's seat, as is customary at Suzuki, a very convenient and comfortable, but rear passengers a little less fortunate. Still affects the compactness of the model. Three of them in the rear areas will close, and feet, rather likely to be uncomfortable. I am glad only that enough space above your head. Heart SX 4 has a 1.6-liter engine that helps develop power of 107 hp This same engine is installed on the Suzuki Vitara. Although not quite the same. Suzuki SX4 may be equipped with an automatic transmission, but the Grand Vitara, for obvious reasons, is equipped with only pure 'mechanics'. Cherished hundred SX4 developed for eleven small seconds. Contrary to the powerful engine, the car is quite economical and spends no more than seven liters per 100 kilometers. In general, we must recognize that in terms of ride quality new crossover Suzuki does not stand out against its competitors. After a couple of lines on the rear axle. It is activated button on the center console. You can select an automatic mode, when the machine goes on the front wheels and the rear is enabled only when slippage, or else to try so-called pseudo- Mode – 4WD Lock. In the latter case, the blocked interaxle clutch, creating an appropriate high-grade blockage. In theory, this mode allows the SX4 at least partly match the Grand Vitara and hassle out of the mud on the roads. There are pitfalls. In particular, the manager of auto mode 4WD Lock, a driver must not exceed the speed of 60 km / h, as this will cause the automatic operation rear axle.