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In Turkey

According to the Germany trade and invest (gtai) the potential of solar power is 1.2 billion tons of oil equivalent. Although around a quarter of all households with photovoltaic systems are fitted, the use of solar energy is limited mostly to water heating. In addition to the budgets, hotel complexes on the Mediterranean and the…

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EIGHT Explores Motives

Interest in electric mobility in the tourism and hotel industry sweet, the 10 November 2013 the tourism and hospitality industry companies in Germany with the greatest prospects of products and solutions in the field of electric mobility. This is the result, a study of the University of Pforzheim, in cooperation with the EIGHT comes GmbH…

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Telos House

According to non-official documents, the Administration, these subsidy rates excessively and this plans to note among other things to reduce material costs and to provide an annual limit of the total flow rate. Even though the known rules are classified in a few years as unconstitutional, the damage to the young solar industry may be…

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