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Friendly and professional to remove asbestos roof as owner is a real estate facing a problem if this is covered with an asbestos roof. After the ban on the manufacture and the sale of this material first in Germany and then in the EU as a whole is it virtually imperative an asbestos roof to…

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Construction Waste

With our city growing more and more beautiful day by day, there is another problem plaguing us – the huge amount of construction waste is a serious impediment to the pace of urban development. As the environmental awareness is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, the simple and illegal dumping of construction waste landfill…

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Ausbauhaus Building

Assist in the Burener EPI GmbH builders in the production of their expanding home and the EPI save money GmbH offers an absolute pioneer concept that provides maximum potential for identification for indoors at the Ausbauhaus. In the EPI House factory builders can produce the solid wood walls for your dream home in power and…

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