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Meet Your Goals with Your Resume

Since college I have been told that a resume should have a “mission statement” on top. You may have said the same. I’m here to tell you someone has been lying to you! Well, not necessarily, but maybe. Each curriculum has a purpose, but not all the curriculum must have a mission statement. So before…

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Get Paid for Shopping

How would you like to get paid for shopping? That’s right! Earn money to buy clothes, eat in restaurants, watch movies, play golf, travel, and so on. You can have your cake and eat it too! Enjoy the best of both worlds. Agna money and have fun at the same time as a Mystery Shopper.…

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Paradoxically Goods

In this case, everyone understood that a “good” this approach does not lead, but go against the traffic was not so nice, and very profitable. But here “balloon”, inflated with our own speculation, he began to deflate. Diligently fanned by a “financial bubble” suddenly began to decrease at eyes Paradoxically, we are now trying to…

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