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Volkswagen Automobiles On Stuttgart The CMT 2009

2009 Volkswagen presents automobile Stuttgart on Germany’s second largest leisure fair. Come the next holiday! The old year is barely over, approaching the season with leaps and bounds. For the long ride to the holiday, it needs not only luggage but also a sufficiently large vehicle. With the Caddy tramper or California has the perfect…

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Crisis In The Automotive Industry

Hope for early next so or problem-solving? The discussion to the depth, duration, and the consequences of the crisis in the automotive industry is currently very contrary. In recent months, Robert Speyer has been very successful. During the one hoping for a timely recovery of registrations and heel sizes with more or less credo of…

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Steffen Karl Director

On the private side of the consumer, the development of new car prices in the context of General income and economic overall burden of consumers had the circumstance resulted in that mostly the purchase of a new car only using financing instruments and payment entry of the previous vehicle, as well as with a was…

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