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Thomas Filor: The

Rents are rising rapidly in the sought-after metropolises of Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. Magdeburg, 11.12.2013. But also in smaller cities the real estate boom has so slowly, but surely. Wolfsburg is one of nearly 120,000 inhabitants in an area of 204,02 km. The city is a good example of this, as shifting the real estate…

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Vine Street

Change: What is the next stage? Long-eared bat: After a perceived by both sides as a reasonable time of one to three years the majority shareholding of the company could be done by the previously hired Managing Director, so as “Management buy-out”. The withdrawal of the seller from the operational activity seems right now. I…

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Logistics Industry

Encouragement of 2012: decision makers demonstrate strength as third-largest industry in Germany contributes the logistics for the German economy, which far exceeds their image. On logistik-tv.net well-known companies place their confidence in the showcase at the beginning of the year: encouragement 2012 “initiative, in which business managers and executives explain why they expect a successful…

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