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Learning Chinese Is In Vogue

Many opt for the path of the distance China has become in recent years one of the world’s largest and the fastest growing economies. This upswing will continue and many renowned experts even believe that China will be the number one economic power and thus have overtaken the United States in the year 2050 at…

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West German Academy

Interface for the dialog with the public public relations manager are public relations professionals, which are necessary for building and maintaining relationships between the public and their companies. You are the interface to the journalists, editors and opinion leaders, which are to win as multipliers for the own messages. To inform the public, it must…

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Good Knowledge Of English, A

By english4professionals without good knowledge of English, no longer runs business English courses in the modern world of work. In interviews, a short “small talk” in English the rule has become. The more you can afford here no deficits. Fortunately, these facts have now arrived at each. Often, the personal motivation are however lacking. You…

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