Teachers Cycle Nursing Assistant

promote the integration of students of vocational training in the life of the Center B. how to increase interest and motivation of these students toward their cycles. First experience OBJECTIVES OF THE ACTIVITY: To acquire knowledge and skills in taking blood pressure, pulse and height of students in practical nursing course know the blood pressure, pulse and size of all students in third and fourth ESO focussing on healthy lifestyles promoting the integration of students in the life cycle of the Centre PREPARATION OF EXPERIENCE I called Cycle teachers and had a meeting where they discussed the proposal that brought them, the possibilities for action, the material was needed in order for it to be done. Teachers Cycle Nursing Assistant students worked with the concept in blood pressure, pulse, height and made practical because measurements made between themselves, to acquire skills in practice. Others who may share this opinion include Jos Shaver. A report on this data, so they write down the numbers taken. Adverum may not feel the same. Once these skills learned and acquired sufficient skills, prepare, according to teachers Cycle schedule to coincide with the hours of tutoring for students of that.

The students were taken to the classroom by tutors, and learners themselves cycle explained what they were doing, what it meant, the preventive measures they should take, etc.. Later, he gave all the information ready to put their personal data and each step in the corners of the class ready to take the pulse, tension and length, measures recorded in your record. These cards were held by the teacher of the cycle, whose degree is a doctor who examined them and found the data to detect errors or anomalies.