The Air

I thought I saw a static halo circling his head and blink a few variations of amber at the tip of her hair. Then he leaned forward to say almost in a whisper that he had discovered the secret and terrible name of God. I bother with this exit and for allowing the elderly to come into my house with such a hoax. "It would be a discourtesy to pitch to the street, get rid of him, I thought. It was four-thirty in the afternoon and there was still much that the day was wasted listening to the rantings of a person possessed by the senility ", grumbled.

"It was easy, I said, we have given God many names as we have happened, but we have ignored the fact that the Creator himself is known by one who has chosen himself. Can not make it known because it would be as dominating as serve as its essence. Now, with this knowledge, I can say I am almost like God. " He then listed all nouns and names by which, remember, I met the monotheistic god of the universe. The list was long and at one point came to rub some rather brazen voices in unknown languages and secrets. "If you knew, my friend, that eternity can be known by a delicate air intake, combined with the conjunction of certain bubbling produced by the meeting of certain gases, elements and cosmic silence become unstressed syllables. We say that a bubble of saliva in your mouth, being blown through the air pronounce the terrible secret.