The Codependent

Codependency is defined as the orientation in which the person emotionally depends on someone who has an addiction, even though the term has been extended quite to other relationships or forms of interaction that denote destructive relationships. Within the codependent behaviors can be observed the following: A high degree of commitment and support relationships that do not receive the same treatment in return. Controlling behaviors that are targeted for the other to change his way of being. They are offered to solve problems of others, although no one has asked your advice or intervention. A great need of being needy. They are responsible for behaviors, feelings and thoughts of others.

Blame dominates the relations box. Feel a strong need to be engaged in the problems of others, except for yours. An exaggerated concern about the lives of others. They always justify the behavior of others, even when it is destructive. Minimize problems and try it there. Avoid conflicts and their solutions.

Pleasing others is the first thing in your life. Although then you recrimines. Your needs are always at the end of the list of your acquaintances, relatives and strangers. Difficulties to take you and your loneliness, looking always for company to not meet your true feelings. They do not recognize their feelings and always believe that the other is causing your problem: If the other change, them, would surely be very happy. Not tolerate in any way that someone talks about your virtues, you feel embarrassed, do not recognize your achievements, your needs. Always finish with chaotic relationships in which you accuse of being: driver, responsible and you feel wounded by which do not recognize your efforts of care. Again and again you promise you no longer to tolerate certain attitudes and eventually accept more and never meet your threats of breaking with that relationship. You entables conflict and pain-filled relationships. You fear you feel angry, angry and above all to express it. You prefer security to take risks on your own existence. You wait patiently and in a hostile manner than others change. If you recognize you in any of these circumstances probably were exposed to chaotic environments and you surely some situations such as: addicted relatives. Large responsibilities since childhood. Dysfunctional families. Repression of feelings. You educated in obedience and submission. Your needs were never heard or answered. Show symptoms of depression, anxiety, as well as any chronic disease such as: colitis, gastritis, hypertension, headaches, back or muscle. In general the vast majority of people suffering codependency recognizes it quite difficult and they have had a great suffering in their lives. It is possible to recover from codependency. It is likely, but it is not an easy path, i.e. it is necessary to deal with yourself and stop being aware of others in an obsessive way. In Cecreto we deal with quality of emotional life and its impact on social, therefore we invite you to visit our site. But to get out of codependency is required to carry out a project living person, in our electronic material: how to recover trust in love, teach you how, if you are interested contact us, are specialists.