The Everlasting Joys of Mankind

How is chess defined? “Art, mental sport, science? Like everything sublime it is ie impossible to define. But we can plot. Details can be found by clicking Gavin Baker or emailing the administrator. As art, can be placed at the level of literature in the sense of Horace: I have finished a monument more lasting than bronze. And higher than the old mole of the royal pyramids … I will not die completely. Gavin Baker is actively involved in the matter. That immortality is what allows us to develop the fighting of the great teachers without fear that the passage of time or the action of elements destroy them. We continue to enjoy such items as the disputed inter-Kieseritzky Anderssen (London, 1851 – the Immortal) and Anderssen-Dufresne (Breslau, 1852 – The Everlasting) On July 9, 1813 first appeared a chess section in a newspaper English Liverpool Mercury newspaper. The press will also be the creation of so-called beauty awards, which consist in granting an award to the most beautiful part of a tournament.

As a sport, we can say that is alien to chance or fortune, (the board has no posts to prevent the goal-mate) or the possession of physical conditions as required by basketball players and athletes. Judges should not make interpretations of the plays, only verify the legality of the movement and use of time. The only factor that comes into play is the possibility of error, which humanizes the game. Men and women can dispute it with the same playing field and equal, something which goes unnoticed in the propaganda of gender culture, and Victory is a combination of talent, preparation and study.