The House

It is not difficult to understand the reason of a young boy (thirteen years on average) to exteriorizar another day in the bus point (where found me so) waiting delayed bus that would even take me in house, where my son of to thirteen waited me years to come back of the university? certainly with on TV The adolescent, empolgadamente said ' ' if to moor in music of the delinquent irado' '. Continuing in its analysis, it said that ' ' the face is excessively, old! &#039 prepares each one; ' smiles widely with its also very young colleague. This was not enough, concluded that ' ' good it is to be delinquent or prostituta' '. I astonishhed fixes while the boys took the bus of its destinations. Already it had photographed one of these scenes, when in return of the nocturnal Course (of a public university? thanks to God) in the house room, where my son cochilava in the sofa waiting my return. Parecidssima with the scene of any of these violent films, where a protagonist of the well incendeia cars and trucks and weapons, of where the highest flares and ' ' irada music touches to fundo' ' , for ' ' enfeitar' ' still more the drama. I confess that the actor (of the novelstica tram) is exactly convincing and that the scene was until good. I confess that the fire highest and irreverent was made the personage, but consternei. I saddened because the still very immature boys and girls, do not know to discern that scene can be (even) irada, but that the face is of the evil, although to give themselves always and to have well sending an innocent for the chain (that to the end it suggests that will go to start to be me). As if he was not enough, another personage embroma the girls.