The Internet

But the real turning point, and real understanding of the potential of the business of Internet Marketing came when I learned what I consider the most important factor that makes this possible, and generate pre-qualified traffic. Of course it is very important to have good landing page or Web site (whether they be yours or that redirects to a third party site), however if you do not have a good number of visitors (pre-qualified) to that site, will not happen nothing, plain and simple. The traffic generation is most difficult part of Internet marketing, and is where most fail because many of the courses that exist in the market, give you many tools, prefabricated sites, content, keyword lists, tutorials, etc. but when you go to the real world, you realize you’re getting little or no traffic or you are wasting money trying to get visitors paid traffic sources such as Google AdWords. The Internet marketing is not then a business promotion or a large business Web site designers, of course that these things are important, but what really take your business to the heights, is the traffic that you can take to your landing page.

They are simple math, if you promote a product worth $ 200 USD which converts at a rate of 2 out of 100 visitors, and manage to generate a continuous traffic of 200 visitors a day (which is perfectly achievable), will be generating about $ 800 USD days, but if you’re only getting two visitors a day, I guarantee you will not see a penny, without matter how well designed your site. So if you are one of those who left the challenge of obtaining wealth through Internet Marketing, or just those thinking about starting, bet to learn how to generate traffic, really worth the effort, but remember, be sure to focus your energies on what really matters: the generation of traffic. Do not overlook the other aspects of business, (which are also important) just make sure a good share of your efforts to focus on generating traffic to your landing pages and I assure you that you will see results..