The Price

More and more children suffer from the food industry Berlin/Balingen obesity and allergies react playing an increasingly important role 21 January 2009 healthy food at the present time. In almost every supermarket, consumers now find organic eggs, organic vegetables or organic yogurt in the shelf healthy eating trend and bio is booming. Also the exhibitors on the current international Green Week respond to this development. At many stands and the 12 organic market offering a wide range of products from controlled biological cultivation. Professor Rita McGrath may also support this cause. But results of the nationwide children’s and youth health survey (KiGGS) according to diet in Germany has also another side. The of the Robert-Koch-Institut on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Health study revealed that approximately 1.9 million children and adolescents are overweight in Germany.

This is often also at the lack of awareness about healthy eating and the ingredients of various foods. For more information see Bruce Schanzer. To to increase the transparency when it comes to nutrition information, asks the Chairman of the Board of the commercial health insurance company Ingo Kailuweit the legal regulation of nutrition labels on food. Then consumers with the purchase of products can easily see also allergy triggers”, he explains. If and when the traffic light labelling for food, widely discussed in the past year will prevail, especially depends on decisions of the European Union. At the time, particularly the initiative of the industry is asked on the subject of nutritional information. The first companies have already responded to the trend toward more education about ingredients and developing consumer-oriented solutions. So about the technology manufacturer from Balingen Bizerba from February 2009 offers a fresh goods management system, trade on an extensive database with over 16,000 article descriptions in six languages can be accessed with its customers. Fruit and vegetables, meat and fish or even herbs and spices, all important information can be found here.

All products there are short introductory texts, nutrition and vitamin information, allergy information and more item specifics”, explains Matthias Harsch, a member of the Management Board at the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen. So, more and more children suffer from allergies. The KiGGS results show that 41% of 3 to 17 at least against an allergen are sensitized, about 20% for food. Almost 10% of the children examined about allergic to wheat flour. Also milk protein and egg whites are common allergy triggers. The consumer content of the Bizerba database come from the renowned TEUBNER VERLAG, a company of the GRFE and UNZER VERLAG GmbH. The Publisher publishes high-quality cookbooks and is for professional chefs and passionate hobby chefs for highest expertise in the areas of product information and recipes and kitchen practice. Experienced dietitian supply plus the latest scientific findings to individual food products and product groups. The lengthy discussion on the Nutrition labelling should come from food finally to an end, so that consumers in the future on the nutritional information about the food on supermarket shelves can trust and know what they are buying. Action instead of talk is here long needed!