Think About The Security Of The Home Together

Entrance doors – the most popular and valid method for the security of their apartments, offices, villas and cottages. The undoubted advantage of the front door is a fairly small price, which is simply not commensurate with the cost of alarm service or pay a watchman. But at the same time, Security door provide a high level of safety of your property as unauthorized hack it without special equipment almost impossible, which is often very noisy. Even if the thief will apply the most powerful hardware, then breaking doors will take just a lot of time, which casts doubt on the whole venture hacking Armored door. Today Industrial production is able to provide you with different categories of metal doors. They differ both in appearance and method of manufacture.

Now let's evaluate them. Known for metal doors moisture-resistant construction. Such doors are often used as an external or used in the rooms, the relative humidity is more than 60pro cent. Usually, the doors of this type yet vandal. Method staining of these doors – powder coating.

These doors are made of metal also covered with a special varnish that is sufficiently resistant to mechanical damage. Doors manufactured by this technology and with the cladding, for decades to maintain a presentable appearance, but in case of external mounting is recommended to do a small roof or canopy over them. Characteristic difference elite steel doors from the normal is that they tend to come with an internal heater and a double rubber gasket. The doors of this type do not miss not only intruders, but sound stimuli from the outside, and even contribute to the insulation. Elite Metal doors have a presentable appearance through the external panels, but here they do not affect their protective function. Such metal doors received a recommendation to install instead of doors in a luxury room. The original metal doors are made with a unique design project or request. These armored door as characterized by high resistance to cracking, and at the same time have a number of elegant decor elements of armored glass, metal, mirrors, art products and forging various ornaments. For exclusive metal doors at the request of the buyer installs the various elements of the decor. Fireproof Security door. Metal doors of this form must be certified and must maintain fire and leak areas, but at the same time not impede the exit of people. In this case, there is a special construction of fire doors made of metal, which allows for extreme fast enough to open from the inside.