Thoni Mara Guest In: Hamburg, Dresden And Zurich!

thoni mara is product of the month of may (runner BBs world) product of the month of may (runner BBs world) is represented at the following fairs of Marathon: Hamburg, Dresden and Zurich. Thum, April 23, 2009. Three large marathon events start next weekend. As usual the new cult brand in the running, going to Jess mara represented. In Hamburg, it is Jess personally present. In Dresden and Zurich, thonis helpers will present the brand. The marathon trade fairs held at the 24.04 and on April 25, 2009.

In the current runner BBs world (may, 2009) was the combination between running rock and women’s shirt (pink) named to the product of the month. All doubters are called at the weekend by the quality and function, to convince the collection manufactured in Germany. All fans of thoni mara are also invited.